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Fiscal 2017 Performance Data

Governance Data

Information on Funding Provided to Medical Institutions*


Category Details 2017
(Amount: 1,000JPY)
Research and development Expenses for trials, reports, and surveillance studies conducted under public regulations (clinical trials for new devices, post-marketing clinical studies, nonconformity and infection case reports, post-marketing surveillance studies, etc.) in addition to those for independent investigations. 297,106
Academic research support Expenses for scholarships, general and academic conference donations, as well as academic conference co-sponsoring expenses 312,138
Manuscript writing fees, etc. Expenses for lectures, manuscript writing, and the consignment of services, including consulting, to provide information regarding the appropriate use of medical devices and clinical reagents. 42,990
Expenses related to information provision Expenses for lectures, workshops, and seminars to provide healthcare professionals with relevant information regarding appropriate and safe use of medical devices and clinical reagents. 233,292
Other expense Expenses for receptions and social courtesy 35,902
Total amount  921,428


Category   2015 2016 2017
Relevant payments or transfer of value Number 443 242 477
Amount US $190,638 US $137,658 US $99,210
Research Number 7 21 26
Amount US $76,061 US $209,370 US $342,614


Category   2015 2016 2017
Relevant payments or transfer of value Number 228 226 344
Amount € 21,899 € 29,509 € 23,763
Remuneration Number 1 1 8
Amount € 4,000 € 4,000 € 51,276
Contracts Number 4 12 14


Category   2015 2016 2017
Relevant payments or transfer of value Number - - 6
Amount - - € 11,563

* This information might be modified after our disclosure according to review by government authorities or medical institutions.

Target of Disclosure

Payments or transfers of value to, or research agreements with, the following recipients:

  • Registered US physicians
  • Teaching hospitals in the US

Payments, remuneration, or transfer of value to, or contracts with, the following recipients:

  • Physicians, medical professionals and medical students in France
  • Health institutions (educational institutions or medical companies) in France

Contract amounts are not required under the French Sunshine Act.

Relevant payments or transfers of value to the following recipients:

  • Healthcare professionals registered in Belgium
  • Healthcare organizations in Belgium
  • Patient associations in Belgium
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