About Sysmex

Message from Leadership

Based on the mission of “Shaping the advancement of healthcare.” set forth in the “Sysmex Way,” our corporate philosophy, we are contributing to the development of healthcare and a healthy life for people around the world.

The Sysmex Way—our Group's Corporate Philosophy—defines Sysmex's mission as “Shaping the advancement of healthcare.” Since our establishment in 1968, we have striven to contribute to resolving global medical challenges through our core business in laboratory testing of blood, urine, and other specimens, and today we support the health of people in more than 190 countries and regions around the world.


In recent years, healthcare needs are growing increasingly diverse and complex, such as delivering personalized medicine and containing soaring healthcare costs, primarily in developed countries. In emerging and developing countries, establishing infrastructure and improving access to healthcare are priorities.


In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic that spread from 2020 onward, straining medical systems in countries worldwide, served to reaffirm the importance of testing and diagnosis.

Furthermore, challenges such as global environmental issues, exemplified by climate change, and geopolitical risks that present urgent problems for the entire world, create an increasingly uncertain future.


At Sysmex, by working to address the numerous challenges facing society, we provide all stakeholders with the anshin that is the cornerstone of our Group’s Corporate Philosophy.


In our long-term corporate strategy that has started in FY2023, we have positioned human capital as the source of corporate value creation, and will move forward with building an organization that leverages diversity to create innovation. In addition, we have set new non-financial targets among our management goals, including goals for reducing environmental burdens, by working towards elimination of product loss and replacement of all materials with recycled and environmentally-friendly alternatives. We aim to continue growing as a sustainable company that creates both social and economic value, and will work Group-wide to realize a sustainable society.


In addition to generating further innovations in our core laboratory testing business, we will continue to pursue challenges in new fields such as surgical support robots, in order to enhance the “healthcare journey”—the life-long healthcare experience that each individual undergoes—based on our corporate message, “Together for a better healthcare journey.” We will also strive to deliver new value through our unique technologies and solutions as well as through creative collaborations with a variety of partners.


We at Sysmex are committed to contributing to the delivery of optimal healthcare for each and every individual, in line with the universal human desire to live a long and healthy life.



Chairperson and Group CEO Hisashi Ietsugu