Strengthening of Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Conducting CSR Surveys

Sysmex conducts CSR surveys in order to learn about its partners’ CSR activities. To survey existing partners, we use the CSR/Sustainable Procurement Self-Assessment Tool Set, which was developed by Global Compact Network Japan. The survey items range from human rights, labor practices, corruption, environment, and conflict minerals. Sysmex Corporation has been involved as a subcommittee member in the production of this tool and other types of output. We elect not to conduct business with new partners who have problems with their CSR initiatives. In addition to CSR surveys, we hold management interviews with new business partners. We undertake the same sort of initiatives for overseas partners. In particular, personnel in charge of procurement make local visits to determine the status of child labor and workplace environment in order to confirm that no problems exist. 
The rate of response to the CSR survey of primary suppliers conducted in fiscal 2020 was 89%, and we also conducted follow-ups with four of our partners in response to risk analyses. Moreover, to further encourage our partners to engage in CSR activities, we checked with 13 primary suppliers identified as high-risk, regarding how they manage their secondary suppliers. Starting from fiscal 2021, we set the CSR survey response rate as a sustainability target. We have also added the number of training sessions provided to our partners as a sustainability target, and we use the response rate of the CSR survey of secondary suppliers in Japan and the percentage of primary suppliers with third-party certificates as indicators for monitoring. 
Sysmex Europe surveys all new partners about their CSR activities that involve human rights and green procurement, and it annually evaluates existing partners. Sysmex Malaysia, Sysmex Wuxi, Jinan Sysmex, and Sysmex Shanghai, among others, also survey their partners each year to assess risks and make improvements.

Improving the Quality of Supplied Parts and Raw Materials

Sysmex employs a Quality Assurance Agreement that clearly defines quality requirements. Counterparties sign this agreement after confirming their understanding of our procurement policy. We confirm the quality of supplied parts and conduct quality audits when we determine that corrective or preventive measures are needed. 
We perform quality audits of new suppliers and ensure that appropriate quality control is in place. We also conduct periodic quality assessment of existing trading partners in an effort to maintain and improve quality.

Relations in the Supply Chain

At Sysmex, we strive to strengthen our relationships with trading partners so we can conduct business together based on their understanding of our business and procurement policies. 
In fiscal 2020, we organized a trade show and seminar in which our partners’ unique technologies were presented to our employees. This served as an inspiration to design and develop greater products and to boost mutual understanding between our partners and our employees. Furthermore, we will continue to improve communication with our partners by sharing information about quality, stable supplies, the environment, and business continuity plans (BCP), among other matters, in order to facilitate cooperative activities with these partners.
Technical seminar with partners
Technical seminar with partners

Conducting Internal Awareness Activities to Ensure Compliance with Legislation

Sysmex uses an electronic procurement system to prevent undue reduction in payments and return of products. In addition, all members of the procurement department undergo training on the Subcontract Act. For people newly assigned to this department, we also provide training on our procurement policy, CSR, green procurement, and procurement risks.

Stakeholder’s Voice

“Our products are essential in supporting people’s health and peace of mind through healthcare. We must maintain a stable supply of our products no matter what happens,” says Tomohito Yamagata, who has engaged in procurement services for 25 years and currently leads Reagent Material Procurement in the SCM (Supply Chain Management) Division. Amid the pandemic, he has been active in solving various issues concerning procurement and production.


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