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Evaluation of pre-analytical sample handling procedure for plasma Aβ measurement using a fully automated immunoassay system
Conference Presentation
Single-EV Analysis based on Sequential Digital Bioassays
Paper Publication
Seamless and non-destructive monitoring of extracellular microRNAs during cardiac differentiation from human pluripotent stem cells
Conference Presentation
New Innovations in Clinical Testing Pioneered by Robots
Paper Publication
Arginine cluster introduction on framework region in anti-lysozyme antibody improved association rate constant by changing conformational diversity of CDR loops
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Correlations of p-tau217, p-tau181 and tau levels between CSF and plasma that are measured by fully automated immunoassay platform
Conference Presentation
Evaluation of acute period bacterial infection by XN-V software of automated hematology analyzer for animal in rats
Conference Presentation
Detection of Mulberry Bodies using Imaging Flow Cytometry
Paper Publication
A Fluorescence Cross-Correlation-Spectroscopy-Based Immunoassay for Rapid, Selective, and Accurate Protein Sizing in Human Plasma, Applied to the von Willebrand Factor
Conference Presentation
Development of high-sensitivity and compact Immunoassay measurement system utilizing microfluidic reaction technology
Conference Presentation
Development of plasma p-tau231 assay on a fully automated immunoassay system.
Conference Presentation
Effects of combined pre-analytical sample handling variables on plasma β-amyloid level measured using a fully automated immunoassay system.
Paper Publication
Imaging flow cytometry-based multiplex FISH for three IGH translocations in multiple myeloma
Paper Publication
Fully automated immunoassay for cholesterol uptake capacity to assess high-density lipoprotein function and cardiovascular disease risk


【Conference presentation】Plasma Aβ assay measured using a fully automated immunoassay platform predicts the amyloid PET status
【Conference presentation】Three group classification of participants based on fully automated plasma β-amyloid measurements to achieve high positive and negative predictive values.
【Conference presentation】Effects of pre-analytical parameters on plasma β-amyloid level.
【Conference presentation】Age dependency of plasma β-amyloid measured by fully automated and highly specific immunoassays in a Japanese cohort study (SESSA).
【Conference presentation】Compact Immunoassay System Using Microfluidic Technology
【Publication of a paper】Potential application of the haematology analyser XN-31 prototype for field malaria surveillance in Kenya
【Publication of a paper】Detection of histidine-rich protein 2- and/or 3-deleted Plasmodium falciparum using the automated hematology analyzer XN-31: A proof-of-concept study
【Conference presentation】 Development of fully automated plasma immunoassay using by HISCL™ series for classification of neurological disorders
【Conference presentation】Highly specific plasma β-amyloid assays on the fully automated platform predict brain β-amyloid pathology determined by a Centiloid threshold of amyloid PET
【Publication of a paper】Development and clinical usefulness of OncoBEAM™ RAS CRC Kit
【Publication of a paper】Clinical performance testing of the automated haematology analyzer XN-31 prototype using whole blood samples from patients with imported malaria in Japan
【Publication of a paper】Fully automated and highly specific plasma β-amyloid immunoassays predict β-amyloid status defined by amyloid positron emission tomography with high accuracy
【Conference presentation】Development of biomarkers to predict response of immune checkpoint inhibitors in lung cancer
【Publication of a paper】Enzymatic measurement of short-chain fatty acids and application in periodontal disease diagnosis
【Publication of a paper】Mirror-image streptavidin with specific binding to L-biotin, the unnatural enantiomer
【Publication of a paper】Highly sensitive and non-disruptive detection of residual undifferentiated cells by measuring miRNAs in culture supernatant
【Conference presentation】Attitude of leukocytes activation in dengue patients using hematology analyzer parameters
【Conference presentation】 Immunophenotyped-suspension-multiplex FISH by imaging flow cytometry for the simultaneous diagnosis of three pivotal IGH translocations in multiple myeloma
【Conference presentation】Mirror-image streptavidin with specific binding to non-natural L-biotin
【Conference presentation】Introduction of inter-domain SS bond into Fab domain improve antibody stability without affinity change
【Conference presentation】Verification of the performance of ghost cytometry in discriminating unlabeled leukemia cells, and analysis of their morphology and function.
【Conference presentation】Imaging flow cytometry-based multiplex FISH for three IGH translocations in multiple myeloma
【Conference presentation】Examination of atypical cell detection by measurement information of BF mode of Automated Hematology Analyzer XR-Series
【Conference presentation】Development of calibration-free All-Solid-State ion sensor chip with inorganic insertion material paste and inorganic solid electrolyte
【Conference presentation】Development of a High-throughput Microfluidic Sequential-sorting System for the Enrichment of Rare Cells
Fully Automated Plasma Beta-Amyloid Immunoassays Predict Amyloid Pathology Defined by Amyloid PET
Plasma Biomarkers for Classification of AD Pathology by a Fully Automated Immunoassay System (HISCL™ series)
The Evaluation of Plasma Aβ1-40 and Aβ1-42 Immunoassays on the Fully Automated Immunoassay Platform (HISCL™ series)



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