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Corporate Citizenship Activities

Policy on Corporate Citizenship Activities and Philanthropy

Sysmex actively carries out corporate philanthropic activities to promote a healthy society and vibrant community, and also facilitates our employees' personal participation in volunteer efforts.

  • Contribution to a healthy society

    Sysmex actively utilizes its resources in the healthcare field to carry out philanthropic activities and promote the building of a healthy society.

  • Cooperation toward a vibrant local community

    Sysmex acts as a responsible and socially-conscious corporate citizen by cooperating with the local community through donations, sponsorships and involvement in philanthropic programs.

  • Facilitation of employees' volunteer efforts

    Sysmex will facilitate employees' participation in volunteer efforts as citizens of the world, members of Sysmex group that contribute to healthcare in the world, and emphasize community involvement and development.

Established May 2012

Employee Volunteer Activities
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