Corporate Citizenship Activities

Sysmex contributes to the creation of a healthy society and the establishment of a vibrant community through activities based on “To Society” as defined in the Sysmex Way’s Core Behaviors and our Policy on Corporate Citizenship Activities and Philanthropy.

Our Group-Wide Contributions to Healthcare

When Sysmex celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2018, we  created our global theme of “Aim for a Healthier Society”  based on our Policy on Corporate Citizenship Activities and  Philanthropy. All Group companies have since been working together on our social contribution programs. In fiscal 2020, we offered two Group-wide programs: the Sysmex Gives Back Challenge from June to September, and the Sysmex Gives Back Day from October to January. As part of these programs, in addition to blood donation and environmental activities, we also conducted corporate citizenship activities in response to COVID-19. A total of more than 2,800 employees worldwide participated in our corporate citizenship activities through these programs. We will continue our Group-wide efforts to promote a fulfilling and healthy society.   

Our Response to COVID-19

In addition to the 30 million yen donated to the Kobe City Support Fund for Medical Professionals to support the fight against COVID-19, Sysmex also engaged in support activities around the world in response to COVID-19 based on its Policy on Corporate Citizenship Activities and Philanthropy. For medical institutions, we provided up-to-date academic information while also donating masks, protective gear, safety goggles, and non-contact infrared thermometers to enable safe medical practices.
Furthermore, for local communities in the United States and Brazil, where we have our reagent production bases, we manufactured liquid sanitizers at the reagent manufacturing factories and donated them not only to medical institutions but also to police stations and local charitable organizations. Through our Group-wide programs, the Sysmex Gives Back Challenge and Sysmex Gives Back Day, we supported medical personnel and local communities with donations of food and supplies, masks, and liquid sanitizers while also continuing our blood donation efforts as a Group so as to deliver blood for blood transfusions to as many patients as possible. 
  • Donating handmade masks (Sysmex America)
    Donating handmade masks (Sysmex America)
  • Donating liquid sanitizers (Sysmex Malaysia)
    Donating liquid sanitizers (Sysmex Malaysia)

Our Contributions to Healthcare through Blood Donation Campaigns

Sysmex Corporation registered as a “Blood Donation Supporter Company” in fiscal 2014 and has actively led blood donation campaigns since.
We also conduct regular blood donation campaigns in other parts of the world, and about 500 employees throughout the Group donated their blood during fiscal 2020.
  • Sysmex Australia
    Sysmex Australia
  • Sysmex Partec
    Sysmex Partec

Social Contribution Point Program

Sysmex has declared its support for employees’ volunteer activities in our Policy on Corporate Citizenship Activities and Philanthropy and established a volunteer leave system. It has also introduced a program to encourage employees to participate in volunteer activities on their own initiative. Under this program, employees earn points for social contribution activities in local communities, as well as social contribution events sponsored by the company, and we make donations based on the number of points accumulated. In fiscal 2020, 1,053 employees (27% of Group employees in Japan) participated in this program, which resulted in a donation of about 1.06 million yen. 
 One of the recipients of the donations under the Social Contribution Points Program is the International Medical Volunteers Japan Heart, an incorporated nonprofit organization. In support of their “SmileSmilePROJECT”, our employees also provide assistance to pediatric cancer patients and their families through volunteer activities. Although we were unable to hold events in fiscal 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we continued our support by making cards for children.
There were also social service activities at business sites planned by employees, which included donating used books and clothes to NPOs.
  • ©UNICEF/UNI1355865/Panjwan Courtesy of Japan Committee for UNICEF
    ©UNICEF/UNI1355865/Panjwan Courtesy of Japan Committee for UNICEF
  • Making cards for children
    Making cards for children

Donation of a Hematology Analyzer to a Nonprofit Organization in Haiti

Sysmex America donated a hematology analyzer to a nonprofit organization, Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos, which safeguards and supports children who are living separately from their families for various reasons. We contribute to an improvement in local access to medicine by conducting training for local laboratory technicians and providing support so that the equipment can be used without any issues. 
Using the donated equipment
Using the donated equipment

Contributing to Biodiversity Preservation through the “Sysmex Forest”

As part of the “Enlist the Participation of All Citizens in Creating Woodland” project promoted by the Hyogo Prefectural Government, Sysmex took responsibility for a two-hectare portion of the 17-hectare Kawai Kaiteki Forest near our reagent factory in the city of Ono, Hyogo Prefecture.
We dubbed this portion the “Sysmex Forest” and aim to make satoyama a place of tranquility for people and wildlife.
  • Sysmex Forest (forest maintenance activities)
    Sysmex Forest (forest maintenance activities)

Initiatives at the Sysmex Forest

Approach Content
 Biodiversity Protection
  • Protetion of endangered species (such as protecting the habitat of the clouded salamander1 and planting plants to attract the chestnut tiger butterfly2)
  • Protection of rare wild plants (cultivating the Japanese lily to aid its recovery and protecting the habitat of Cephalanthera falcate [the Golden Orchid]3)
 Education and Awareness
  • Registration with Green Wave 2020
    (a campaign to increase understanding and public awareness of biodiversity via activities related to the forest and trees) promoted by the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism 
  • 1 Small salamander designated as Endangered Species II on the Ministry of the Environment’s Red List 2020. 
  • 2 These butterflies are unusual for their long migratory routes; most of them arrive in Japan in spring and migrate around 2,000 kilometers in autumn to Taiwan and other southern climes. They are designated as a quasi- endangered species on Chiba Prefecture’s Red List.
  • 3 A species of terrestrial orchid designated as Endangered Species II on the Ministry of the Environment’s Red List 2020

Corporate Citizenship Activities in Other Countries

Theme Activity Country/Region
Health and Healthcare
  •     Supporting the fight against COVID-19
    •      Providing food to medical professinals
    •      Providing homemade liquid sanitizers to low income individuals and local communities
    •      Distributing handmade masks and messages to medical professionals and welfare facilities
The United States, Brazil, Malaysia, South Korea
  •      Supporting cancer patients
    •      Raising public awareness through charity walks(Breast Cancer Walk)
    •      Donating to cancer support organizations through used book collections
    •      Creating cards for prdiatric cancer patients
Japan, the United States
  •  Donating vaccines to emerging countries through collection of used clothing
  •  Donating to a project that grants wishes to critically ill patients (ASB Wishes car)
  •  Donating audiobooks for the visually impaired
  •  Donating to a diabetes support organization through sports charity events
Welfare to Foster the Next Generation
  •      Continuously providing supplies to children in need and orphans 
    •      Donating school supplies and second-hand computers for online learning
    •      Donating daily necessities
    •      Donating to child protection associations
    •      Donating to an educational support organization that teaches children how to ride bicycles
Japan, Germany, Malaysia
  •  Providing projects that grant wishes to children in the region
  •  Conducting workshops for Kobe city science teachers using supplementary science materials 
  • Donation of sterilization supplies to the community (Sysmex Reagents America)
    Donation of sterilization supplies to the community (Sysmex Reagents America)
  • Project to grant children’s wishes (Sysmex Turkey)
    Project to grant children’s wishes (Sysmex Turkey)
  • Workshop for science teachers (Sysmex Corporation)
    Workshop for science teachers (Sysmex Corporation)