Corporate Citizenship Activities

Sysmex contributes to the creation of a healthy society and the establishment of a vibrant community by practicing the Sysmex Way and engaging in activities based on its “Policy on Corporate Citizenship Activities and Philanthropy”.

Our Group-wide Contributions to Healthcare

Based on our “Policy on Corporate Citizenship Activities and Philanthropy”, Sysmex actively engages in corporate citizenship activities that lead to the creation of a prosperous, healthy society and vibrant communities, and promotes corporate citizenship activities undertaken by employees independently. In fiscal 2022, we offered our Group-wide program, the Sysmex Gives Back Campaign, twice, from June to September and from October to January. As part of these programs, in addition to blood donations and environmental activities, we also conducted corporate citizenship activities related to health and medical care, development of the next generation, disaster aid, and the like. A total of more than 7,000 employees worldwide participated in our corporate citizenship activities through these programs. We will continue our Groupwide efforts to promote a healthy and fulfilling society.

Our Contributions to Healthcare through Blood Donation Campaigns

Sysmex Corporation registered as a “Blood Donation Supporter Company” in fiscal 2014 and has actively led blood donation campaigns since.
We also conduct regular blood donation campaigns in other parts of the world, and about 600 employees throughout the Group donated blood during fiscal 2022.

Social Contribution Point Program

Sysmex has declared its support for employee volunteer activities in our “Policy on Corporate Citizenship Activities and Philanthropy” and established a volunteer leave system. It has also introduced a program to encourage employees to participate in volunteer activities on their own initiative.
Under this program, employees earn points for social contribution activities in local communities, as well as social contribution events sponsored by the company, and we make donations based on the number of points accumulated. In fiscal 2022, around 965 employees of Japanese Group companies (24.4% of the total) participated in this program.

One of the recipients of the donations under our “Social Contribution Points Program” is International Medical Volunteers Japan Heart, an incorporated nonprofit organization. In support of their “SmileSmilePROJECT,” our employees provide assistance to pediatric cancer patients and their families through volunteer activities. In fiscal 2022, our employees voluntarily participated in several events, such as an invitation event at KidZania Koshien and a coffee seminar for children and parents. Our volunteers accompanied the children and their families and took photographs for them.
The employees of each business office planned corporate citizenship activities, which included donating used goods and clothes to NPOs.

  • SmileSmilePROJECT (Invitation event at KidZania Koshien in Japan)
    (Invitation event at KidZania Koshien in Japan)
  • Coffee seminar for children and parents (Japan)
    Coffee seminar for children and parents (Japan)

Visiting Lectures in Collaboration with the Kobe City Board of Education

As part of its contribution to the local community, Sysmex Corporation has been working to expand local school education. Since fiscal 2022, it has delivered visiting lectures to elementary school students in collaboration with the Kobe City Board of Education, with the aim of promoting health education.
Sysmex has created original content that provides opportunities for students to become interested in the human body and think about the importance of health through learning about the functions of blood. We have also delivered lectures together with our employees who have registered for the voluntary Partnership System. In fiscal 2022, we visited 17 elementary schools in Kobe and presented lectures to a total of 1,176 students.
By leveraging our characteristics of carrying out business in the healthcare field, we will continuously contribute to the realization of a vibrant local community through the education of children who will lead the next generation.

  • Visiting lectures (Japan)
    Visiting lectures (Japan)
  • Visiting lectures (Japan)

Contributing to Biodiversity Preservation through the “Sysmex Forest”

As part of the “Enlist the Participation of All Citizens in Creating Woodland” project promoted by the Hyogo Prefectural Government, Sysmex Corporation took responsibility for a two-hectare portion of the 17-hectare Kawai Kaiteki Forest near our reagent factory in the city of Ono, Hyogo Prefecture. We dubbed this portion the “Sysmex Forest” and aim to make it a place of tranquility for people and wildlife, through employee volunteer activities including tree thinning.
  • Sysmex Forest (forest maintenance activities in Japan)
    Sysmex Forest (forest maintenance activities in Japan)
  • Sysmex Forest (forest maintenance activities in Japan)

Other Activities at Group Companies

Theme Activity Country/Region
  • Supporting cancer centers and pediatric cancer research through charity events
  • Donating prosthetic hands for patients
  • Blood donation activities
  • Making donations to blood donation institutions
  • Providing COVID-19 vaccines to communities
  • Making donations to medical school funds
  • Providing massages in cooperation with a visually impaired people’s association
Japan, the United States, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Turkey, Ghana, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, India, and Indonesia
  • Collecting used clothes and old post cards and exchanging them for money, which is donated to developing countries to cover the cost of vaccinations
  • Collecting goods and exchanging them for money, which is donated for community medicine (use-first pay-later drug) businesses in Africa
  • Holding and participating in events to support breast cancer patients
The United States, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, New Zealand, France, and Republic of South Africa
  • Installing vending machines on Company premises to enable donations to be made for malaria elimination, and promoting their use among employees
  • Donating virus transportation media (VTM) and thermometers to hospitals
  • Providing support for costs of medical treatment for patients requiring treatment and economically challenged patients through sports charity events
  • Supporting diabetes patients through charity events
  • Making donations to projects supporting medical care of cancer patients
Thailand, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, and Malaysia
Welfare to foster the next generation
  • Participating in “Onigiri Action,” a food support activity for needy children
  • Providing support for school meals for indigenous children
  • Donating personal computers to villages in Sri Lanka
  • Donating to an association that supports teenage girls
  • Spending time with children in an orphanage and providing dinners and movies
  • Holding an event to provide dinner to orphans and single mothers
  • Donating daily living necessities and food to orphanages
  • Donating of books
  • Manufacturing bicycles for children
  • Donating to children’s hospices
Japan, Ghana, Turkey, Malaysia, Thailand, and New Zealand
  • Donating to support organizations for homeless people
  • Donating to day care centers
  • Donating furniture to refugee facilities
  • Donating goods and items to facilities for low-income workers
  • Holding charity events to support the independence of homeless women and children
  • Participating in volunteer activities to provide free meals
  • Constructing houses for people in need by raising donations
  • Donating daily necessities to retired military personnel
  • Donating goods and items to Ronald McDonald House, where families of hospitalized persons live
  • Conducting education to eradicate sexual discrimination in workplaces
Countries around the world including Japan, the United States, Germany, France, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, India, and the United Arab Emirates
Disaster recovery assistance
  • Making donations to activities to support recovery from the Turkey-Syria earthquake
  • Making donations to Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) in Ukraine
Japan, the United States, and Europe
The environment
  • Recycling activities
  • Tree planting
  • Neighborhood cleaning activities
  • Activities to reduce food loss
  • Promoting environmentally friendly means of transportation
  • Participating in events to interact with living things
  • Reducing the use of plastics by distributing reusable stainless steel bottles
  • Environmental conservation activities
  • Providing support and making donations to environmental conservation organizations
Countries around the world including Japan, the United States, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Malaysia, Turkey, Slovak, Australia, Austria, the Republic of South Africa, Burkina Faso, the United Arab Emirates, China, Ghana, and the Czech Republic
Local communities
  • Supporting the safety of communities by participating in police events
  • Participating in charity events to support cancer research (the United States)
    Participating in charity events to support cancer research (the United States)
  • Participating in charity events to support patients (Thailand)
    Participating in charity events to support patients (Thailand)
  • Donating prosthetic hands (Australia)
    Donating prosthetic hands (Australia)
  • Making donations to children in orphanages (Ghana)
    Making donations to children in orphanages (Ghana)
  • Charity events to raise awareness of breast cancer (South Africa)
    Charity events to raise awareness of breast cancer (South Africa)
  • Expenditures for corporate citizenship activities