About Sysmex

Corporate Philosophy and Brand

Here we introduce the “Sysmex Way” and “Shared Values,” the Group corporate philosophy that serves as a cornerstone for all Sysmex Group activities by defining our stance, directions of pursuit and values. We also explain the meaning behind our corporate logo.

Corporate Philosophy

The "Sysmex Way" consists of three parts: the Mission, which defines our social raison d'être and states how we hope to contribute to society; the Value, which describes the values and management style that we must abide by; and the Mind, which expresses the mindset and code of conduct that every employees within the Sysmex Group must observe. Also, “Shared Values” declares the specific value we provide to individual stakeholders.


Corporate Brand

Our corporate logo symbolizes our mission: “Shaping the advancement of healthcare.” Here we describe the meaning and sentiments behind the corporate logo.