Research & Development

R&D Structure

R&D Structure

Research Division

In the areas of gene, cell and protein analysis, Sysmex is involved in initiatives targeting innovation to create new businesses and conducts research to resolve issues with a high level of technological difficulty and assess new technology platforms.

Technology Development Division

The Technology Development Division, consisting of sections developing technologies related to liquid biopsy targeting personalized medicine, ingredient technologies aimed at improving reagent development efficiency and ICT-related technological developments toward primary care. These sections pursue development activities in accordance with technological characteristics.

Product Development Division

The division promotes the integration of instrument and reagent development, aimed at achieving rapid product development.
The Product Development Division is organized by testing segment—hematology, urinalysis, hemostasis, immunochemistry, clinical chemistry and life science—pursuing product development matching the characteristics of each field of testing.

R&D / Clinical Strategic Planning Division

This division supports the Research Division, Technology Development Division, and Product Development Division by managing intellectual property, technology strategies, and clinical strategies for all of R&D, optimizing R&D resources, producing product manuals and designs, and managing design information.

Research and Development Bases