Research & Development

R&D Structure

R&D Structure

Global R&D System

Sysmex conducts research & development in nine countries around the world with Technopark as its base. By expanding its efforts in each region, Sysmex aims to strengthen its relationship with the world's top academics and KOLs in each country, and to achieve research & development tailored to local needs.

Core R&D Center (Technopark)

Technopark, our core R&D center, has established an R&D system to realize seamless and speedy development from initial R&D at the central laboratory to product development. Researchers and engineers from various fields actively communicate with each other to promote the creation and integration of advanced technologies.

Diverse R&D Personnel

Sysmex's great strength lies in its diverse and highly specialized human resources that enable the development of instruments, reagents, and IT on different measurement technology platforms such as cells, proteins, and genes.
In addition to bio-related personnel, we will continue to acquire and strengthen IT personnel globally, such as data scientists.