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Intellectual Property Activities

Sysmex has established Basic Principle of Intellectual Property Activities for the purpose of sharing the basic idea of Intellectual Property activities and demonstrating the strengths of Sysmex Group in view of expansion of business field and global market development. Action policies are outlined in Basic Policy on Intellectual Property Activities.

Basic Principle

The goal of Sysmex's intellectual property activities is to secure flexibility in R&D and business development and contribute to the management of the Group's business.

Basic Policy on Intellectual Property Activities

Sysmex ensures global competitive advantage and sustains stable growth by maintaining an environment that supports employee intellectual creation activities, by actively securing and utilizing rights to valuable intellectual property created in the activities of all Group companies, and by respecting the intellectual property of third parties.

Governance of Intellectual Property Activities

Sysmex fosters a corporate climate of promoting R&D and business activities while respecting third parties’ intellectual property as well as our own, based on Sysmex’s Global Compliance Code and the intellectual property education we provide to our employees.
With such a corporate climate, Sysmex ensures the protection of our intellectual property through an IP Review System that is stipulated in company regulations, and minimizes risks regarding the intellectual property of third parties. We also hold regular meetings of our Intellectual Property Activities Promotion Committee, which consists of people from R&D and business divisions. Furthermore, intellectual property activities are reported at meetings of the Managing Board and Executive Officers.

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