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Environmental Consideration

Recognition of the Issues

We recognize that mitigating climate change; using water, mineral and other resources; and protecting biodiversity are critical to sustainability of the global environment. As the going into force of the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) demonstrate, around the world a growing number of initiatives make addressing the environmental problem a priority issue, and companies are being called on to play a greater role.

As a company developing its operations globally, Sysmex recognizes increasingly serious environmental issues as a topmost priority. We also understand that large-scale environmental damage due to climate change is a significant business risk because they have the potential to halt our resource procurement and manufacturing functions.

Sysmex’s Approach

To guide the Group’s environmental management over the long term, along with long-term management goals for the Sysmex Group, Sysmex has formulated the Sysmex Eco-Vision 2025. This vision sets long-term environmental targets to be achieved by fiscal 2025. We are promoting environmental preservation across product and service life cycles and throughout the value chain of our business activities.

Going forward, along with the pursuit of sustainable growth we will continue striving to reduce environmental impact—a vital social issue.

Activity Results

Initiatives to Protect the Environment in the Long Term
Environmental Management


Other CSR activities

Biodiversity Protection
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