Resolution of Medical Issues through Products and Services

The in vitro diagnostics (IVD) domain, which plays an important role in disease prevention, early detection, and determining courses of treatment, is expected to create high-value testing and diagnostic technologies and solve medical issues including the three most deadly infectious diseases (HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria). By addressing issues such as these, Sysmex will create new testing and diagnostic technologies useful to patients and thus contribute to the development of healthcare and the healthy lives of people.
  • Hematology Market Share

    Within the hematology field, consolidated sales as a percentage of the market for instruments, reagents, and services

  • Number of Patents

    Total number of patents, utility model rights, and design rights held

  • Number of New Patents

    Total number of applications filed for patents, utility model rights, and design rights

  • Number of Scientific Papers

    Number of scientific papers presented by users of the Company’s products

  • Percentage of Sales in Emerging Markets

    Sales in emerging markets as a percentage of consolidated sales

Responsible Provision of Products and Services

Sysmex conducts business in the medical sector, which plays an important role in human life and health. Accordingly, we are called upon to provide products and services of increasing quality and safety, as well as to manage our supply chain appropriately. Through such activities, we will contribute to improving the quality of healthcare, enhance customer satisfaction, and build brand strength, thereby seeking to achieve sustainable growth with our business partners.
  • CSR Survey Response Rate

    Percentage of primary raw materials suppliers that responded to CSR surveys

Realization of an Attractive Workplace

Sysmex considers human resources an important management asset necessary for sustainable growth. Through capacity building based on a human resource development system, promotion of diversity and inclusion, and the like, we are working to create a workplace that provides peace of mind and enables diverse employees to maximize their skills.
KPI (Fiscal 2021)
  • Engagement Score

    Corporate Culture Survey results


  • Lost-Time Injuries Frequency Rate

    Number of employee death or injuries resulting from work-related accidents per million hours actually worked

    Less than0.35

  • Lost Work Day Rate

    Number of days absent from work due to work-related injuries per 1,000 hours actually worked

    Less than0.05

  • Female Managers Ratio

    Percentage of women at director level or above 


  • Training Time per Employee

    Average hours of training per employee
    provided by the Human Resources Division