Resolution of Medical Issues through Products and Services

In the in vitro diagnostics (IVD) domain, it is expected to resolve medical issues through creation of high-value testing and diagnostic technologies, and through widespread deployment of testing. In addition, in order to attain Goal 3 of the SDGs, “Ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for all at all ages,” it is essential to put medical infrastructures in place and develop medical professionals. By addressing these issues, Sysmex works to contribute to the development of healthcare and healthy living for people, while seeking to capture new business opportunities and achieve sustainable growth.
Results (fiscal 2020)
  • Number of Cancer Genomes Analyzed

    Number of cancer genomes analyzed by the NCC OncoPanel


  • Number of Breast Cancer Tests Using OSNA Method

    Number of breast cancer tests using the OSNA method


  • Sales in Emerging Markets

    Consolidated sales in emerging markets

    122.0billions yen

Responsible Provision of Products and Services

Sysmex conducts business in the medical sector, which plays an important role in human life and health. Accordingly, we are called upon to provide products and services of increasing quality and safety, as well as to manage our supply chain appropriately. Through such activities, we will contribute to improving the quality of healthcare, enhance customer satisfaction, and build brand strength, thereby seeking to achieve sustainable growth with our business partners.
Targets (fiscal 2023)
  • CSR Survey Response Rate

    Percentage of raw material suppliers that responded to CSR surveys (primary suppliers in Japan and overseas)


  • Number of Training Sessions for Suppliers

    Number of briefings, training, and other training sessions for domestic suppliers


Realization of an Attractive Workplace

In order to reinforce its external competitiveness, Sysmex places high priority on recruiting and developing highly specialized human resources and next-generation leaders, and on consistently providing attractive workplaces. We have in place a human resources development system that develops capabilities in an ongoing and systematic manner, promotes diversity and inclusion, and have introduced various systems. Through these efforts, we aim to foster a corporate culture under which all our diverse employees can confidently demonstrate their capabilities with a sense of global unity.
Targets (fiscal 2023)
  • Engagement Score

    Corporate Culture Survey result


  • Lost-Time Injuries Frequency Rate

    Number of employee death or injuries resulting from work-related accidents per million hours actually worked


  • Lost Work Day Rate

    Number of days absent from work due to work-related injuries per 1,000 hours actually worked


  • Female Managers Ratio

    Ratio of women at director level or above


  • Training Time per Employee

    Average training time per employee for training provided by HR and each division (including online training)