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Development of Human Resources -Employee Journey-

Global HR Policy

Employment, Assignment, Evalution, Development, Reskilling & career shift
Sysmex believes allowing every employee to develop a fulfilling career is essential to sustainably enhance its corporate value and create a highly engaged organization. An “employee journey” encompasses all stages of an employee’s career, from joining Sysmex to retiring or leaving Sysmex to find a new employer. We help diverse individuals working at Sysmex build their own careers and learn continuously and independently.
To support a self-driven career, we have a job-based personnel system in place across the Group. We have implemented various measures in accordance with defined duties and personnel requirements. These human resource management activities follow our Global HR Policy as their fundamental principle.

Diverse Talent Acquisition

Recognizing that innovation comes from diversity in talent, Sysmex Corporation hires people with different experiences and values. Under the slogan of "anywhere, anytime, and anyone", we hire people throughout the year based on their personal character, regardless of nationality, race, gender, age, employment history, or disability.
Our recruitment is based on job type and position, allowing applicants to apply in accordance with their specializations or work preferences. We also monitor our efforts to hire job applicants directly from overseas universities1 and set hiring targets by gender2 to actively promote the recruitment of diverse individuals.
Hiring and developing human resources who support our growth strategy is an important aspect of our human capital strategy. We have been investing in human capital, maintaining a balance between the sustainable improvement of value-added productivity (28 million yen per employee in fiscal 2022) and total labor cost.

  • 1 Proportion of employees with foreign citizenship, hired directly from overseas universities, among all new graduates hired: about 10% in fiscal 2022
  • 2 Proportion of female employees among all new graduates hired: 35.9% in fiscal 2022 and 40% as a target for fiscal 2023

Assignment According to the Needs of Employees and Teams

At Sysmex Corporation, employees are assigned jobs by matching their desires with the requirements of divisions, to promote their self-driven career development.
A matching algorithm is used to determine the divisions that new recruits should be assigned to, ensuring that both the recruit’s desires and the requirements of the divisions are considered. As a foundation for self-driven career development, we have also introduced an apprentice system* whereby our employees can undertake new roles. This offers them opportunities to develop their career prospects by broadening their expertise.
These actions yielded significant results in fiscal 2022. The three-year turnover rate for new graduates was 0%, and the voluntary turnover rate was 2.7%, achieving our target of less than 3.0%.

  • When there is a vacant position, a specified trial period is set for an apprentice so that the employee’s potential for both the position and the team can be determined before formal assignment.

Evaluations and Commendations to Encourage New Attempts and Recognize Achievements

At Sysmex Corporation, we have introduced an evaluation system incorporating the concept of continuous performance management (CPM) to achieve an agile response to changes in the internal and external environment in times of drastic change. This system encourages employees to take on challenges by flexibly reviewing  their targets and actions in response to changes, without sticking to their original targets set at the beginning of the term, and evaluating them based on a point-addition system. Employees regularly have one-on-one meetings with their supervisors throughout the year. These meetings provide opportunities to them to discuss day-to-day operations and career development, as well as goal setting and evaluation, helping them to grow and to build trust in leadership. In our semiannual Corporate Culture Survey, we assess our employees’ level of confidence in leadership to develop future leaders and improve our organizational culture.
Additionally, through our Group CEO Award, a system to recognize divisions and teams, we annually select and honor individuals and teams that contribute significantly to enhancing corporate value or addressing social issues by practicing the Sysmex Way, our Group corporate philosophy, and to share their achievements across the organization.
To motivate R&D engineers and heighten awareness of intellectual property, we have also introduced the Patent Grand Prize/Patent Prize of Distinction, the Patent Meister, and the Filing Commemoration Prize. In addition, we present the Quality Award for achievements in quality improvements.

Training Programs Tailored to Individuals

To respect diverse working styles and values, Sysmex offers a wide range of learning programs on business skills and career design that employees can voluntarily take based on their career aspirations.
Employees can even join some of the programs across national borders through the availability of online courses for learning from home. In fiscal 2022, all employees participated in one of these conducted training programs. The benefits include not only the growth of individual employees, but also enhanced productivity through skill improvement and exchanges between participants, which have, in turn, resulted in better mutual understanding and cross-functional networks. (Investment in training in fiscal 2022: 92,000 yen per employee.)
Our Corporate Culture Survey indicates that most of the employees support these training programs; 65% of them provided positive responses, noting that they were offered opportunities for growth through such programs. Sysmex Corporation also supports continuous learning by employees of all ages and ranks. Our “smart work” system, which is intended to facilitate diverse working styles, encourages employees to spend 15 minutes of their working hours per day on self-study. During fiscal 2022, our employees spent an average of 42.8 hours on learning.

Development of Next-Generation Leaders

Developing next-generation leaders is a crucial component of Sysmex’s human capital strategy to achieve sustainable corporate value enhancement. Since the introduction of a job-based personnel system, we have conducted talent reviews to measure differences between the desired and actual roles of each position and regularly monitored the sufficiency of our talent pool and the availability of successors for senior positions.
For the candidates chosen as successors, we formulate development plans to address individual issues and offer necessary leadership development programs. Among these programs, a selective leadership program for employees with the status of “ready to be a successor” provides them with opportunities to think from a leader’s perspective, facilitating their promotion to higher positions. In fiscal 2022, on-board training (for promoted employees) was attended by a total of 4,308 employees, while selective training (for candidates chosen as successors) was attended by 91 employees.
In fiscal 2023, we restarted global training, which had been suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, promoting our investment in the development of global leaders.

Reskilling & Career Shifts

To help employees broaden their career horizons, Sysmex supports employees’ reskilling and career shifts based on their experience in current jobs or relevant fields rather than through input-driven learning.
For example, for reskilling in digitalization, we have systematized knowledge and skill sets needed for digital transformation (DX) and offer programs at different levels.
To support those who are to be reassigned at their request, our apprentice system provides a six-month trial period during which such employees can work as an apprentice so that their suitability for the position and the team can be determined before formal assignment. After the expansion of our job-based personnel system to the Group’s affiliated companies, positions in different divisions or Group companies have become more easily comparable based on common grades. Matching employees’ expertise with their preferred areas of work has effectively helped them not only pursue and establish their careers, but also build their second careers through reskilling efforts and work experience.

Training for Research and Development Personnel

Sysmex Corporation holds a Sysmex Innovation Forum annually to present research results and initiatives, with the aim of enhancing the skills and motivation of personnel working in research and development.
We also conduct specialized training for research and development personnel. In fiscal 2022, in order to create and stimulate innovation, some of our employees participated in external programs. This included the Japan Biodesign Fellowship Program, whose objective is to cultivate individuals who can provide solutions to issues. Involvement begins in product development from the initial stage, starting from the needs of clinical settings. We also offer the Female Participation and Advancement in Innovation Program organized by Osaka University.
We have conducted a wide range of measures for project development personnel, including programs to learn international standard project management methods and lectures by external experts intended to foster awareness of value delivery to patients.

Sysmex EMEA* Campus


For all employees in the EMEA region, Sysmex has established EMEA Campus, a training space offering various online and offline training programs. EMEA Campus plans lectures and workshops on various themes, including skills for general business and technical abilities, with the goal of developing future leaders, enhancing skills, and creating internal networks. For managers, “Ready to Lead,” a customized leadership training program, was set up to help them master team management skills. Other diverse programs are available on such subjects as human resource development, coaching, and reverse mentoring to support the acquisition of skills needed for leadership.

  • Europe, the Middle East, and Africa

Other Human Resource Development Programs

Company Program/Measure Objectives/Overview
Sysmex Corporation, Sysmex RA "Monozukuri" Professional Training Activities Promotes development of human resources for manufacturing as one of our production reforms. Provides training for new employees, training in skills needed to become multi-functional workers, and technical knowledge needed for Monozukuri (manufacturing).
DX Literacy Education Offers DX literacy training to develop skills to effectively use AI and other emerging technologies for the purpose of developing new ways to use data, increasing operational efficiency, and implementing innovations.
Sysmex America Sysmex University A training program for all employees in the United States, Canada, and Latin America that combines online and offline sessions. Offers courses focusing on wide-ranging subjects, including business skills (e.g., leadership skills and project management), specialized skills, and mentoring.
Sysmex Management Academy Six-month training for selected personnel, including newly appointed managers.
Aims to strengthen management skills by providing insight into the roles and responsibilities of Sysmex management.
Sysmex Europe Sysmex Academy Offers programs in which trainees acquire product-related and medical knowledge. Aims to increase trainees’ specialized knowledge and develop trainers for customer training.
Sysmex Shanghai Sysmex Shanghai University Online training for all employees started in fiscal 2019 to support employees’ professional growth.
Sysmex Asia Pacific LinkedIn Learning Offers around 100 online training courses using a social media platform (LinkedIn) for all employees. Designed for trainees to acquire and improve skills such as management, leadership, critical thinking, business analysis, and data analysis.
Sysmex Academy Offers online programs in which trainees acquire medical and product-related knowledge.

HR Tech

Sysmex centrally manages human resource information for the entire Group. This personnel information is strategically used to promote DX and promote job satisfaction. To prevent leakage of critical personal information, this data is subject to access restriction in accordance with our global data management rules, in addition to being protected with the data management function of the computer systems used. This scheme ensures that we can use data securely and in a timely manner.
By offering remote working options and online training, we have created an environment in which employees can work flexibly based on their job duties and personal lifestyles. We also leverage advanced technologies for talent management, such as using matching algorithms to support autonomous career development and providing real-time feedback from employee engagement surveys.