Research & Development

Open Innovation

Promotion of R&D activities through open innovation

Sysmex is committed to global open innovation.

Sysmex promotes open innovation activities globally that efficiently generate new clinical value by the integration of our company’s technologies with the technologies and knowledge of universities, research institutions, and companies. In order to further accelerate our activities, we invite researchers from Japan and overseas to Technopark to collaborate with our company’s researchers.

Technology acquisition and business creation through open innovation

We are working towards the realization of prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis monitoring to support a better healthcare journey.

To realize our long-term vision of "Together for a better healthcare journey", in addition to creating innovation in existing business areas, we are accelerating technology acquisition and business creation by utilizing open innovation in research and development in new fields such as disease prevention and treatment.

Promotion of Global Open Innovation

We promote global open innovation by leveraging our R&D system in nine countries around the world, with Technopark as our base. We collaborate with academia and companies in each region and country to conduct research and development tailored to local needs.

A Place for Creating Open Innovation

 To accelerate R&D activities through open innovation, collaboration between researchers from all over the world and Sysmex researchers creates a space for co-creation with the aim of creating advanced and high-value technologies.


Sysmex Open Innovation Lab.

Innovative technology born
from the fusion of knowledge

Based on the Sysmex Group's corporate philosophy, the "Sysmex Way", and the Technopark concept of "The Creation of Knowledge and Its Inheritance", SOLA is an open innovation lab established in Technopark, our global R&D base, to accelerate research and development toward the realization of personalized medicine.

In addition to Sysmex's proprietary technologies, we have developed ICT-related facilities that promote bioinformatics, laboratory facilities with high functionality and performance, and an open innovation environment that creates a variety of exchanges between researchers, enabling us to promote new ideas and collaborations.

We invite researchers from around the world to collaborate with Sysmex to create advanced and valuable technologies through open innovation.

Sysmex Open Innovation Lab.
(4-4-4, Takatsukadai, Nishi-ku, Kobe, Hyogo)
October 2015

Sysmex Healthcare Science Hub Tokyo (HCST)

Accelerating co-creation with a variety of partners as a highly mobile R&D hub base

Based on the concept of "connecting people and spaces" HCST is an R&D center established to accelerate collaboration with various external partners related to healthcare (academia, medical institutions, and companies).

HCST provides a safe environment for handling medical big data and real clinical data, as well as wet lab functions. This enables sensitive data analysis under appropriate information management and operation, and enables verification of various measurement technologies, including Sysmex’s proprietary technologies.

We have also established communication areas and collaboration labs that facilitate collaboration with external partners to deepen partnerships and accelerate co-creation in diverse areas. By seamlessly connecting HCST and Technopark, the core R&D base of our company, with data and information obtained through these collaborative activities through digital communication, real-time R&D can be realized beyond the boundaries of these bases.

Healthcare Science Hub Tokyo (HCST)
2 Shinkiba, Mitsui Link Lab
(1-17-8, Shinkiba, Koto-ku, Tokyo)
July 2023