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Corporate Strategy

Long-Term Corporate Strategy 2033

Sysmex has formulated a Long-Term Corporate Strategy 2033 ending in fiscal 2033, based on the “Sysmex Way," the corporate philosophy for the Sysmex Group. We aim to instill anshin, which lies at the core of our corporate philosophy, to all stakeholders in order to address diverse and complex healthcare needs and solve various social issues.

Long-Term Vision

 *”Healthcare journey” is a trademark of Sysmex Corporation, registered in Japan.

Value Provided

We will help to improve the quality of life of people around the world at each stage of their healthcare journey and realize a fulfilling and healthy society by optimizing healthcare and healthcare costs​.

Healthcare Journey

Healthcare Journey

Value provided by Sysmex

  • 1Provide tests and information to detect diseases at earlier and milder stages
  • 2Provide tests and information that allow for more precise diagnosis and personalized treatment options when illness strikes
  • 3Provide monitoring tests and information to facilitate faster and better recovery
  • 4Provide tests and information to contribute to people's longer and healthier lives

Business Domain

Expand our business domain by strengthening existing businesses ​and creating new businesses​.

Moving from “diagnostics (healthcare testing)” to the “healthcare journey”​
■Innovation Streams
Innovation Streams
Note: Based on The Lead and Disruput by Charles A. O’ Reilly, et al.

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Main Domains on
the Healthcare Journey
Domain A
Strengthen the diagnostics business
  • Expand market share and establish overwhelming competitive advantage
  • Increase testing parameters, pursue global development
Domain B
Refine personalized healthcare and testing
  • Develop unique life science fields
  • Develop new testing and diagnostic methods
Domain C
Realize personalized prevention and prognosis monitoring
  • Develop and disseminate new tests
  • Realize new healthcare support using data
Domain D
Take on challenges in new domains
  • Expand the medical robotics business
  • Expansion into regenerative and cellular medicine, etc.

Strategy and Targets​

To reach our objectives, we will promote a core strategy ​consisting of five elements, in our aim to a ¥1 trillion company.​

Initiatives to achive sustainable corporate growth

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Net sales
¥1 trillion or more
Operating margin
20% or more
Achieve zero
product losses
Percentage of unused
product waste
0.1% or less
Switch to environmentally conscious materials
Rate of use in containers and packaging materials