About Sysmex

Corporate Strategy

Long-Term Corporate Strategy 2033

Sysmex has formulated a Long-Term Corporate Strategy 2033 ending in fiscal 2033, based on the “Sysmex Way," the corporate philosophy for the Sysmex Group. We aim to instill anshin, which lies at the core of our corporate philosophy, to all stakeholders in order to address diverse and complex healthcare needs and solve various social issues.

Long-Term Vision

Value Provided

We will help to improve the quality of life of people around the world at each stage of their healthcare journey and realize a fulfilling and healthy society by optimizing healthcare and healthcare costs​.


Business Domain

Expand our business domain by strengthening existing businesses ​and creating new businesses​.
 Moving from “diagnostics (healthcare testing)” to the “healthcare journey”​

Strategy and Targets​

To reach our objectives, we will promote a core strategy ​consisting of five elements, in our aim to a ¥1 trillion company.​