Sustainability Management

Stakeholder Engagement

Communication with Stakeholders

Through proactive dialogue with stakeholders, we strive to forge better relations. In addition, by incorporating their expectations and requirements into our business activities we will enhance the effectiveness of our strategy and strive to realize a sustainable society.

Stakeholder Society’s Requirement Related to Business Main Dialogue with Stakeholders Related Articles
  • Ensuring the quality and safety of products and services
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction through products and services
  • Stable supply
  • Creating innovative products and services
  • Customer Support Center (for inquiries)
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Collection of the voice of the customer (VOC)
  • Customer training/user meetings
  • Scientific seminars
  • Website/social media
  • Ensuring long-term employment
  • Fair treatment in accordance with employees’ achievements
  • A workplace that enables employees to fulfill their potential
  • Accepting diversity
  • Providing opportunities for self-fulfillment and personal development
  • Corporate Culture Survey
  • Mental health checkup
  • Voluntary reporting system (survey on employee’s visions of career design)
  • Diversity roundtable discussions
  • Internal reporting system
  • Labor and management council
Business Partners
  • Fair and equitable dealing
  • Synergistic growth through mutual trust and dedicated work
  • CSR surveys of suppliers
  • Supplier visits
  • Meetings with/visits to distributors
  • Training sessions for suppliers
Shareholders and Investors
  • Ensuring sound and transparent management
  • Commitment to reliable and innovative management
  • Maintaining sustainable growth potential
  • Finding a balance between the sustainability of the company and society
  • Active information disclosure (transparency)
  • General meetings of shareholders and social events for shareholders
  • Technology presentation for institutional investors and analysts
  • Orientation briefings/company tours for individual investors
  • Business results briefings
  • Conference calls
  • Investor visits
  • Contributing to advances in the field of healthcare and the development of a healthy society
  • Helping resolve issues facing local communities
  • Reducing environmental burdens through business activities
  • Encouraging employees to get involved in corporate citizenship activities
  • Collaboration with government agencies and international organizations (Sysmex Corporation signed the United Nations Global Compact)
  • Participation in industry groups
  • Participation in local communities