Compliance Promotion Initiatives


In accordance with the spirit of the UN Global Compact, Sysmex undertakes thorough efforts to prevent bribery, in line with Principle 10, which states: “Businesses should work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery”.
For risk assessments conducted periodically by the Internal Control Committee, compliance violations including acts of corruption are recognized as among the risks, and we are working toward risk reduction. Additionally, Item 10 of the Global Compliance Code, “To Maintain Sound Relationships with Society”, clearly prohibits acts of corruption and the global anti-bribery regulations applicable to all Group companies cover topics such as specific banned activities, due diligence, the provision of education, and management systems. In these ways, we promote initiatives for Group-wide compliance.

Transparency in Relationships with Medical Institutions

Transactions based on a high level of ethics are required at every stage of Sysmex’s operations̶from research and development to manufacturing, sales, and after sales support̶as the number of opportunities for collaboration with medical institutions and medical professionals is increasing.
In Japan, Sysmex Corporation and Sysmex International Reagents, which are members of the Japan Association of Clinical Reagents Industries, concur with the philosophy outlined in the association’s “Guidelines on Transparency of Relationships between Corporate Activities and Medical Institutions”, and they disclose information related to funding provided to such institutions.
Overseas, Sunshine Acts, which require companies to ensure transparency in their relations with healthcare institutions, have been enacted in the United States, France, etc. We report and disclose information about relevant funds for healthcare institutions to government authorities in the countries in which we operate. We upload the information to our website, and it has also been published on the websites of these authorities.

Research Ethics

Implementation of Appropriate Research and Development Activities

As defined in Item 4 of the Global Compliance Code, “Implementation of Appropriate Research and Development Activities”, when carrying out research and development, Sysmex protects the dignity, privacy, and human rights of trial subjects. Sysmex also complies with applicable laws and regulations in individual countries and regions to carry out its research activities in accordance with the highest ethical standards. In addition, Sysmex has adopted the “Ethics Regulations on Clinical Research and Development and Human Genome and Genetic Analysis Research”, and has established a Research Ethics Examination Committee, which includes outside members such as legal and scientific experts, in order to review research content. The list of committee members and deliberation results are disclosed on our website to ensure transparency.

Consideration for Animal Experiments

Item 4.4 of the Global Compliance Code, “Animal Experiments”, states that when conducting animal experiments, we shall comply with applicable laws and regulations related to animal protection, and we shall limit such experiments to a minimum by studying the use of alternative methods. When animal experiments are necessary, we shall take all reasonable steps to minimize the animals’ pain. We conduct animal experiments in line with internal regulations that conform with public guidelines. Our Testing Control Committee rigorously deliberates testing plans to ensure their regulatory conformance.
Guidelines Followed by Sysmex: Act on Welfare and Management of Animals (Ministry of the Environment), Standards Relating to the Care and Management of Laboratory Animals and Relief of Pain (Ministry of the Environment), Fundamental Guidelines for Proper Conduct of Animal Experiments and Related Activities in Academic Research Institutions (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology), Guidelines for Proper Conduct of Animal Experiments (Science Council of Japan)

Fair Marketing Activities

We have formulated a code of ethics in marketing for our global promotion activities, described in Item 2 of the Global Compliance Code, “Promoting Fair Dealing and Free Competition”. In accordance with this code, we promote fair marketing activities in every region of the world, based on industry standards and our own regulations.
We formulated the Sysmex Promotion Code to cover our activities in Japan. In fiscal 2020, we provided training sessions based on the Sysmex Promotion Code titled “Recent examples of scandals”, “Sales information provision activities”, and “Fundamental knowledge of laws and ordinances related to bidding and collusion” for about 200 employees in sales departments at our regional headquarters in Japan and East Asia.

Tax Strategy

Sysmex has established Item 7 of the Global Compliance Code, “To Conduct Proper Accounting and Appropriate Tax Payments”, as a measure to heighten tax transparency. This section describes how, in transactions with foreign affiliated companies, we calculate appropriate transfer prices in accordance with the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines and the transfer pricing tax system in each country. The text also states that tax havens shall not be used solely for the purpose of tax avoidance or benefit.
In addition, we disclose Group payments of taxes in financial and other reports, as well as the reasons for any discrepancies from effective statutory tax rates.

Tax Strategy in the United Kingdom

Respect for Intellectual Property

Sysmex accords third-party intellectual property rights the same level of respect as it does its own. As defined in Item 5 of the Global Compliance Code, “To Respect Intellectual Property”, we will not unlawfully acquire or use any confidential business information or the proprietary assets of others. We promote a thorough understanding of these rules by all executives and employees throughout the Group. When developing new products, members of the intellectual property, R&D, and business development departments conduct and discuss global patent reviews for each new product development project.

Promotion of Security Trade Control

In line with Item 6 of the Global Compliance Code, “To Maintain International Peace and Safety”, we comply with export laws and regulations of individual countries and regions, and we do not engage in transactions likely to impede the maintenance of international peace and safety. Sysmex has established the Security Trade Control Committee, which is under the direct control of the CEO, to prevent illegal exports.
We have also assigned people at overseas regional headquarters to oversee security trade control, and we have configured a global operational structure. Every year, we provide basic e-learning training for all employees. We also provide ongoing education through various training sessions on recent world affairs and laws and regulations in order to raise awareness of security trade control.