R&D Structure

Research Ethics Examination Committee

Sysmex Corporation (Chairman and CEO: Hisashi Ietsugu; headquarters: Kobe) has, in view that it promotes clinical research formulated “Group Ethics Regulation on Clinical Research and Development,” based on the Japanese government’s “Ethical Guideslines for Medical and Biological Research Involving Human Subjects.” In addition, Sysmex has established the “Research Ethics Examination Committee,” comprising internal and external members, to evaluate research content from an ethical and societal perspective.
Sysmex conducts clinical research on the basis of research plans that have been evaluated and approved by this ethics committee.
Sysmex hereby announces its own ethical standards and operation of the Research Ethics Committee, formulated on the basis of ethical guidelines provided by the Japanese government.
  • Group Ethics Regulations on Clinical Research and Development
    The objective for formulating these regulations is compliance in its research with the Japanese government’s ethical guidelines, ensuring social understanding and cooperation, human dignity and respect for human rights, and for researchers to conduct their research in a smooth manner.
  • Research Ethics Examination Committee Regulations
    The objective of these regulations is to ensure respect for test subjects as individuals and respect for human rights. In addition, to ensure research transparency and appropriateness in accordance with Japanese government guidelines from an ethical and scientific perspective and for research results to be considered valid throughout broader society.
  • Research Ethics Examination Committee Members
    In addition to Sysmex employees, the Research Ethics Committee members include individuals who are learned in law and science and members of the general public.
  • Deliberation Results
    Sysmex shall disclose results of past Research Ethics Examination Committee deliberations.