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Sysmex's History

Here we provide a timeline introducing Sysmex’s history of seeking out new aspects of healthcare, pursuing world-first technologies and proprietary R&D, and consistently expanding the possibilities.


Established the Kakogawa Factory in Kakogawa, Hyogo Prefecture.

Birth of the Sysmex brand.

1972 Feb.
Acquired the Medical Electronics (ME) Equipment Division of TOA ELECTRIC CO.,LTD.
1973 Jun.
Established the Kakogawa Factory in Kakogawa, Hyogo Prefecture and integrated the Sales, Development, Production and General Affairs Divisions.
1975 Oct.
Launched the first fully automated hematology analyzer developed in Japan, the CC-710.
1978 Feb.
Launched the corporate brand name "Sysmex."
1978 Mar.
Established MEDICA CO., LTD. (presently Sysmex Medica Co., Ltd.)
1978 May.
Held the 1st Sysmex Hematology Seminar.
1979 Mar.
Launched the world's first fully automatic blood cell counter featuring a sampler, the CC-720.
1979 Oct.
Established a U.S. subsidiary, TOA MEDICAL ELECTRONICS (USA), INC. (presently Sysmex America, Inc.)