Where are Sysmex's shares being traded?

Sysmex's shares are being traded on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Under what business category are Sysmex's shares classified?

Electric appliances.

What is the minimum trading unit for Sysmex shares?

The minimum trading unit is 100 shares.

What is Sysmex's securities code?

Sysmex's securities code is 6869.

What are Sysmex's stock price movements?

Please refer to the "Share Price" section.

What is the total number of shares outstanding?

Please refer to the "Stock & Bond Information" section.

What is Sysmex’s distribution of shareholders by category?

Please refer to the "Stock & Bond Information" section.

How much are the dividends?

Please refer to the “Dividends” section.

What is Sysmex's basic policy on dividend payment?

Sysmex considers the return of profits to its shareholders to be one of its most important management priorities. The Company's basic policy is to distribute profits based on solid earnings performance, with due consideration to sustainable and stable dividend payment.

When does Sysmex designate shareholders eligible for dividend payments?

This is done on March 31 and September 30 of each year.

Does Sysmex have any special benefit program for shareholders?

No, we do not have such a program at present.

When does Sysmex hold general meetings of shareholders?

We plan to hold a general meeting of shareholders in June of every year. Please refer to the "IR Calendar" for further information.

How can we exercise our voting rights at a general meeting of shareholders?

Sysmex sends a notice convening each general meeting of shareholders, along with a voting form, to all shareholders recorded in our shareholder list as of the end of the record date for such meeting. You may exercise your voting rights either by:

Who is in charge of Sysmex shares in securities companies?

Please refer to the "Analyst Coverage".