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Sales and Support Services

How do you market your products and provide your services?

In Japan, we maintain seven branches, one metropolitan area service center and 12 sales offices nationwide, which make up the industry’s most comprehensive marketing services network in Japan.
Overseas, we have established subsidiaries around the world in such countries as Germany, the United States, Singapore and China. We are expanding our global presence to supply products tailored to local healthcare needs. We are in the process of building up sales and support networks in emerging markets in such areas as Latin America, Eastern Europe and Africa, establishing our own sales and support networks.
Please see the "Sysmex Virtual Tour" for details.

In how many countries do you market Sysmex products?

Our products are used in over 190 countries worldwide.

What makes your services and support different from your competitors'?

The Sysmex Group, including our overseas subsidiaries, provides an extensive global service and support network.
In Japan, the Customer Support Center (CSC) responds to inquiries around the clock, 365 days a year. Knowledgeable specialists answer questions not only about instruments and reagents, but also about scientific matters. Sysmex operates call centers in Japan, the United States, China, Germany and Singapore, and dispatches service engineers to customer premises as necessary.
The Sysmex Network Communication Systems (SNCS) is a support service that connects the CSC and customers' products via the Web for the online provision of remote instrument maintenance and quality control. The SNCS is used by many customers and has earned a strong reputation.

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