Business Activities

Learn about Sysmex’s business activities.

Sysmex conducts integrated R&D, manufacturing and sales and provides support services for the instruments, reagents and software for in-vitro testing of blood, urine and cells. We provide our products to customers around the world.
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Learn about the products Sysmex handles.

Sysmex provides instruments, reagents and services for measuring the number and functions of red and white blood cells (hematology), determining blood clotting activity (hemostasis), as well as in the fields of urinalysis, immunochemistry and life science, centering on cancer.

What is clinical testing?

Clinical testing is a general term for tests, administered at hospitals and clinics, which check internal health information during regular health checkups and when patients report symptoms of illness. Clinical testing can be divided into two categories: in-vitro diagnostics, which examine samples of blood, urine, cells, etc., and in-vivo tests, which examine the body directly using such methods as X-rays, electrocardiograms, and brain wave tests.
Sysmex provides high-performance instruments for the fields of hematology (blood cell counts, coagulation), urinalysis and immunochemistry, as well as a broad range of reagents for all kinds of laboratory testing requirement in the diagnostics field.

What is a hematology (blood cell counts) test?

A hematology (blood cell counts) test measures the number, type, and size of red blood cells (erythrocytes), white blood cells (leukocytes), and platelets (thrombocytes), and checks the concentration of hemoglobin and other parameters for evidence of anemia. Hematology tests provide information essential for physical examinations and for determining the outcome of treatment.

What is a coagulation test?

A coagulation test examines the plasma (the liquid part of the blood, without the blood cells) in order to check blood clotting activity and to test for clotting abnormalities, which can indicate thrombosis.

What is an immunochemistry test?

An immunochemistry test examines the blood serum (the supernatant fluid that separates from the blood when the blood coagulates) to check for specific proteins in the blood that increase with the onset of cancer or signal the presence of a viral infection.

What is a reagent?

A reagent is a pharmaceutical product for examining blood and urine, such as diluent solutions and lysing reagents. Reagents are used to dilute these bodily fluids by a certain percentage or separate them into components for measurement.

Where can I find Sysmex products?

You might not personally see our products very often, but you will find them behind the scenes at hospitals, clinics, test centers and blood centers.