Sysmex’s Technologies

Advanced technology

Through its efforts in leading-edge technologies, Sysmex is working to create testing and diagnostic technologies of unprecedented value.

Current Initiatives in Related Technologies

●Super-Resolution Molecular Imaging Technology

This technology was developed to see the tiny structural elements within cells that cannot be viewed with conventional imaging technology and with the resulting aim of creating new diagnostic parameters.
Combination between detection technology of a single molecule of fluorescent dye and imaging technology enables high spatial resolution (ability to observe the small structures at tens of nm) which cannot be achieved with a conventional fluorescence microscopy.
By using fluorescent dye to mark specific proteins and genes within a cell, this method enables the tiny structural elements within a cell to be observed.
In addition, combining this technology with optical phase modulation technology allows for three-dimensional imaging.
This technology helps to clarify the location of molecules within a cell and their relation to diseases. This is expected to lead to the creation of new leading-edge diagnostic targets and contribute to healthcare.
■Principle of Super-Resolution Observation
Principle of Super-Resolution Observation
■Application to cancer cell strain
Application to cancer cell strain
■Cellular Molecule Size and Measurement Technology
Cellular Molecule Size and Measurement Technology