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Sysmex products are in use all around you. Click on the figure below to see where.

At hospitals, aquariums, animal hospitals and sports facilities Sysmex’s products are used at facilities and in situations near you.

  • At laboratories
  • In operating rooms
  • At aquariums
  • At animal hospitals
  • At sports facilities and by sports teams

XN-2000 automated hematology analyzer

Use of In Vitro Diagnostic Instruments and Reagents at Hospitals

Laboratories, where patients are usually not allowed to enter, test specimens of blood taken from patients. Sysmex’s instruments and regents are used here.
Sysmex’s products are used in in vitro diagnostic testing* fields, particularly hematology (the field of in vitro diagnostics that determines whether precise testing is necessary by analyzing the number, type and size of red, white and other blood cells).
* In vitro diagnostic involves the examination of blood, urine or cell specimens taken from the body.

Blood Testing Methods

RD-100i gene amplification detector

Performing Rapid Testing during Operations

With breast cancer, the stage of the disease is determined based the size of the tumor, metastasis to other parts of the body and an accurate diagnosis of lymph node metastasis, and this information is used to determine the appropriate treatment method. If breast cancer has metastasized to the lymph nodes, the risk of the cancer spreading to other organs is high. However, performing a resection of the lymph nodes, which are spread across a wide area of the body, can have negative post-operative effects on the patient, such as swelling and numbness. For this reason, it is important to perform a careful intraoperative diagnosis to determine whether resection is necessary.
The lymph nodes that are particularly susceptible to breast cancer metastasis are located below the armpits. For intraoperative testing, methods that minimize the resection area when metastasis is not present are growing more popular.
Sysmex has developed a technology that allows for the highly precise and rapid (30–50 minutes) determination of breast cancer lymph node metastasis. This allows test results to be provided swiftly for intraoperative diagnosis.

Automated hematology analyzer for animals
pocH-100i V Diff

For Managing the Health of Seals

People enjoy being around animals in aquariums and zoos.
Like people, animals need to be monitored to ensure they remain healthy.
Sysmex’s instruments for animals are used on seals, as well as other aquarium and zoo animals.

Automated hematology analyzer for animals
pocH-100i V Diff

For Maintaining the Health of Dogs and Cats

We provide instruments for testing the blood of dogs, cats and other animals.
As with people, these instruments are used to measure and analyze the number, type and size of red and white blood cells in animals.
As a result, their health can be monitored just as for other members of the family.

Health monitoring analyzer

Measuring Estimated Hemoglobin Levels Simply by Inserting a Finger

ASTRIM FIT allows estimated hemoglobin levels to be measured without a blood sample, simply by inserting a finger.
This instrument is used by professional and corporate sports teams, high school and university track and field teams, and at sports gyms to monitor athletic condition.