The Basics of Hematology

This section aims to help the reader understand hematology and introduces testing methods.


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The Objectives of Hematology

The objectives of hematology are closely linked with our health.

Hematology is used during health checks and at hospitals. But what are hematology’s objectives?

Early-Stage Detection of Illness
Hematology is used for the early-stage detection of illness, including anemia, leukemia and other organ disorders.
Determination of Treatment Methods
Determining the elements present in the blood and their quantity provides useful information that allows for the diagnosis of diseases and the determination of their treatment plans.
Confirmation of Treatment Status
Hematology is useful in performing follow-up assessments on diseases under treatment and the confirmation of treatment results.

Hematology Instruments and Reagents

Here we introduce the instruments and reagents needed for hematology.



Hematology requires instruments and reagents.
Sysmex provides customers with instruments and reagents needed to perform a variety of tests on the blood.


Clinical chemistry

Diagnostic Reagents

The Future of Testing

Sysmex is aiming toward personalized medicine, which is tailored to the individual.

Aiming toward the Selection of Treatment Methods Optimized for Individual Patients

Disease states differ by person, so it is understood that the same treatment method may not be appropriate even for people with the same disease. In recent years, progress in genetic analysis technology has made it possible to determine optimal treatment methods for individual patients. Selecting the optimal treatment methods can help reduce the physical burden on patients, as well as curtail medical expenses.

Personalized Medicine

Initiatives with a View to Personalized Medicine

To provide treatments that are optimized for individuals, Sysmex is working in a variety of domains, including cancer and chronic diseases, on research and technological developments toward the creation of highly valuable testing and diagnostic technologies. We are working to establish testing method that will enable liquid biopsies, which would allow testing for cancer and other diseases using blood and body fluids.

About Personalized Medicine


The Objectives of Hematology

The Flow of Hematology

What Hematology Tells Us

Hematology Instruments and Reagents

The Future of Testing