Sysmex Journal International

2016Vol.26 No.1

Introduction of Products

Automated JCA-BM6010/C Clinical Chemistry Analyzer



Application & Research Group, Technical Support Center, Medical Equipment Business Operations, JEOL Ltd.


JCA-BM6010/C (hereinafter called "BM6010/C") is an automatic clinical chemistry analyzer that follows the basic technology of the BioMajesty Series. It has high accuracy and stability of measurement and is capable of micro-volume analysis with a minimum reaction solution volume of 80μL and minimum sample volume of 1.0μL. Its throughput is 800 tests/h (1200 tests/h including ISE measurements). It is the most compact analyzer in its class and allows great flexibility of installation. Since its launch in 2011, approx. 600 units have been sold in Japan, and about 300 overseas (as of March 2017). It is capable of automated onboard sample pre-treatment and measurement of HbA1c with a throughput of 400 tests/h. Characteristics of the BM6010/C and some measurement data by the analyzer are outlined in this document.