Sysmex Journal International

2008Vol.18 No.2


Bringing Urinalysis into the 21st Century: From Uroscopy to Automated Flow Cytometry


Oliver HAUSS

Medical & Scientific Affairs, Sysmex Europe GmbH


Urinalysis, one of the oldest medical techniques, has arrived in the 21st century with new analysers such as the fully Automated Urine Particle Analyser UF-1000i . Time-consuming methods dependent on significant expertise can be saved for those cases in which such expertise is actually needed and negative cases can be quickly identified. This decreases not only costs in terms of actual money and time but also the risk of unnecessarily generating further resistances against antibiotics. It should also improve the accuracy of those cases which can now benefit from the full and focused attention of highly trained personnel who were previously dealing mostly with negative cases.


Urinalysis, Automation, History, Urinary Tract Infection, Workflow Improvement, Antimicrobial Resistance