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Educational Initiatives for the Next Generation

- Implementing Health Education for Elementary School Students and SDG Education for Junior and Senior High School Students -

Based on our Policy on Corporate Citizenship Activities and Philanthropy, Sysmex actively engages in corporate citizen activities, including “Contribution to a Healthy Society,” “Cooperation toward a Vibrant Local Community,” and “Facilitation of Employees’ Volunteer Efforts.” In fiscal 2023, Sysmex has been contributing to the realization of a prosperous, healthy society through educational support, which has included enhancing health awareness and cultivating researchers for the future.

Visiting lectures - Promoting health awareness and health education

Visiting lectures
For some time, Sysmex has provided visiting lectures for local elementary schools and more recently, in partnership with the Kobe City Board of Education, we have been providing lectures at primary schools in Kobe for promoting health awareness and health education. The lectures are given jointly by Sysmex employees who are registered as volunteers in a Partnership System. Lectures use original content that allows students to learn how the blood that they learn about in textbooks is connected with people’s health and provides opportunities for them to become interested in their own health and that of the people around them.

SDG Education - Exploring SDGs and careers, Cultivating next generation of researchers

Kobe SDGs Exploration Program
This fiscal year, we have started participating in the Kobe SDGs Exploration Program organized by Kobe Tourism Bureau to provide educational support for junior and senior high school students. With the objectives of thinking about “Exploration, SDGs, and Careers” and providing opportunities to consider careers and career paths, in November 2023, we invited senior high school students from Tokyo to give them a presentation on Sysmex’s sustainability activities toward achieving SDGs, a tour of our showroom, and a career orientation workshop in which they could interact with employees.

Super Science High Schools - Cultivating the next generation of researchers, Exploring Careers

Tours of R&D Facilities
The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology designates high schools which provide advanced education in science and mathematics as Super Science High Schools. As an activity to cultivate the next generation of scientists and engineers who can be active in the international arena, Sysmex has been providing educational support at our research and development bases for their students. This involves lectures on our company’s research and technologies, tours of R&D facilities, and opportunities for interaction with Sysmex researchers.
 By leveraging our characteristics of carrying out business in the healthcare field, we will continuously contribute to the realization of a vibrant local communities through education for the next generation.

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