Sysmex Publishes the Sysmex Report 2023 (Integrated Report) and the Sysmex Sustainability Data Book 2023

Sysmex has published the Sysmex Report 2023, an integrated report that concisely summarizes financial and non-financial information for stakeholders to understand Sysmex’s value creation in the medium to long term. A reporting tool to complement the Sysmex Report, the Sysmex Sustainability Data Book 2023 has also been published at the same time. The Sustainability Data Book describes a whole host of specific efforts to address priority issues (materiality) in sustainability.
Each report is available from our website.

Reference: System of Disclosure

Financial Information Non-Financial Information
Sysmex Report (an integrated report, published annually)
Investor Relations Site 

This site discloses details of financial, stock and shareholder information.
• Financial statements
• Financial data
Sustainability Site
  • Sustainability Data Book (PDF, published annually)

Corporate Governance Report

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