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Sysmex Receives the “Invention Prize” in 2021 National Commendation for Invention

Sysmex Corporation has received the “Invention Prize” in 2021 National Commendation for Invention sponsored by Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation for our “invention of multi-modularization of blood cell analyzer for improving test speed”.  This is the second year in a row we receive an award in the National Commendation for Invention.
The National Commendation for Invention started in 1919 for the purpose of contributing to the development and advancement of science and technology in Japan, and commends inventions, devices, and designs that had great achievements, or those expected to have big achievements in the future due to their excellence.
Award Details 
  Title of the award: Invention Prize in 2021 National Commendation for Invention
  Title of the award-winning invention: Invention of multi-modularization of blood cell analyzer for improving test speed (JP Patent No. 5198095)
  Winners: Takaaki Nagai, Yuuichi Hamada, Masaharu Shibata
Description of the invention: This invention relates to a blood cell analyzer into which two measuring units and a transport unit that reciprocates and carries a specimen rack to the said measuring units are integrated.
The conventional blood cell analyzers generally known were the large blood cell analyzing system in which more than one measuring device was connected with a large transport device in order to improve the test processing capacity and test a large amount of specimen.  If the number of analyzers is increased, the test processing capacity increases, but the installation area also increases for additional units.  Therefore, the provision of compact blood cell analyzers as well as the improvement of productivity in specimen test in the limited installation space of medical facilities has been awaited.
With this invention, two measuring units installed adjacently and a transport unit that distributes and carries specimens are integrated so that the two measuring units can process specimens in parallel simultaneously, and thus it enables drastic downsizing of a blood cell analyzer as well as significant increase in the number of specimens to be processed per unit time and consequently improves productivity in inspection.

Automated blood cell analyzer to which this invention is applied


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