Sysmex Journal International

2019Vol.29 No.1


Evaluating the Utility of a Novel Research Use Index in Platelet Aggregation Analysis Featured in an Automated Blood Coagulation Analyzer to Confirm the Effect of Antiplatelet Drugs


Tasuku SAKAYORI*1, Yuri WATANABE*1, Keisuke KITANO*1, Yohei MATSUI*2, Daiki KARINO*2, Nobuo ARAI*1 and Yutaka KOMIYAMA*3

*1 Engineering 1, Sysmex Corporation
*2 Engineering 2, Sysmex Corporation
*3 ICH Business Development, Sysmex Corporation
(Current affiliation: Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Hokuriku University)


The main purpose of measuring platelet aggregation is to confirm the effect of antiplatelet drugs. Although the automated blood coagulation analyzers (CS-5100, CS-2500, CS-2400, CS-2100i and CS-2000i) measure platelet aggregation, they are not equipped to confirm the effect of antiplatelet drugs, unlike the semi-automated analyzers currently used in Japan. We have developed platelet aggregation level (PAL), a research use only (RUO) scoring system to use the current platelet aggregation testing method to confirm the effect of antiplatelet drugs.

The values of ADP-induced PAL (APAL), obtained when ADP was used as an agonist, and collagen-induced PAL (CPAL), obtained when collagen was used as an agonist, decreased in a concentration-dependent manner in cangrelor (P2Y12 inhibitor) and aspirin-treated samples, respectively. In addition, the values significantly decreased before and after the addition. APAL and CPAL showed a significantly close relationship, with a correlation coefficient of ≥ 0.90, with the existing natural standard range-II (NSR-II) system.

We suggested that the automated blood coagulation analyzer can test the effect of antiplatelet drugs as a dedicated semi-automated analyzer. Thus, our innovation is expected to assist institutions that cannot afford the new instrument due to cost and space limitations by enabling easy testing using an automated blood coagulation analyzer.


Platelet Aggregation, Light Transmission Aggregometry, Antiplatelet Drug, PAL (Platelet Aggregation Level)


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