Sysmex Journal International

2018Vol.28 No.1

Introduction of Products

Outline and Features of UF-5000, Fully Automated Urine Particle Analyzer


Atsushi NAKAYAMA, Hiroko TSUBURAI, Hidemine EBINA and Fumiko KINO

Scientific Affairs, Sysmex Corporation


UF-5000, the fully automated urine particle analyzer (Sysmex Corporation; hereinafter UF-5000) is a new type of analyzer that is capable of analyzing the birefringence of particles and the amount of nucleic acid content and size information of the cell, coupled with the complexity of internal structure, using a blue semiconductor laser (488 nm). With an improved optical system, detailed analysis of signal waveforms originating from each particle has been realized, and casts, epithelial cells, etc. can now be analyzed in greater detail.

Major improvements have been incorporated in the stains and in the classification algorithms. Therefore, the UF-5000 is expected to contribute to further enhancement of the clinical value of urinalysis rather than merely being an improved version of the previous models, UF-100 and UF-1000i. We describe here the principles of measure-ment and the main features of the UF-5000.

NOTE:This article is described based on the specifications of UF-5000 Ver.00-11 and U-WAM Ver.00-06.


This article is translated and republished from the Sysmex Journal Web Vol.18 No.1, 2017. (Japanese)