Sysmex Journal International

2017Vol.27 No.2


Novel Haematological Parameters for Rapidly Monitoring the Immune System Response


Sysmex Europe GmbH


Patients with inflammatory disease are common on hospital wards. When patients are suspected of having an inflammation, it is important to rapidly differentiate between various possible conditions. You need to distinguish between inflammations caused by infections and those that are not, and determine the responsible pathogen and the patient’s immune response status in case of an infection. Next, treating physicians need to determine the appropriate therapy for their patients and avoid the overuse of antibiotics.

Correctly diagnosing suspected inflammations and infections by clinical examination, biochemical markers and microbiological blood cultures is costly and time-consuming. A fast initial indication would be beneficial since this can point out the appropriate diagnostic tests, avoid unnecessary follow-up tests, and help start or modify treatment faster. Haematological inflammation parameters obtained from a routine blood count on Sysmex’s XN-Series analysers can provide quantitative information about the inflammatory reaction of the patient’s immune system.


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