Sysmex Journal International

2017Vol.27 No.1


Normal Ranges of Advanced Clinical Parameters on XN-2000 and Transference of Reference Ranges from XE-2100 to XN-2000


Sehgal KUNAL, Vinarkar SUSHANT, Dashora ABHISHE, Mansukhani PREETI and
Khodaiji SHANAZ

Department of Hematology, Laboratory Medicine, P. D. Hinduja National Hospital and Medical Research Centre


The advent of automation and constant refinement of technology in the field of hematological cell counters has led to introduction of newer parameters on CBC analyzers. Many advanced clinical parameters (ACP) are being put into routine clinical use and their clinical evaluation and monitoring depend on knowledge of reference ranges. This study was conducted to determine the reference intervals for CBC parameters measured by XN-2000, with emphasis on (ACP) and transference of ranges from XE-2100 to XN-2000 by the method of estimation of 60 samples. The ranges of commonly reported hematology parameters were found to be similar on both analyzers. However, range for IPF was significantly different and hence new range from XN-2000 was adopted.


Transference, Reference Range, XN-2000, XE-2100, Advanced Clinical Parameters, CBC.