Sysmex Journal International

2016Vol.26 No.1


Evaluation of the Basic Performance and Usability of the Automated Blood Coagulation Analyzer CS-1600


Mina ITO, Naoko FUJITA, Reika YONEMOTO, Maya NAKATA and Mitsunori URATA

Central Clinical Laboratory, Hoshokai PL General Hospital


The automated blood coagulation analyzer CS-1600 (CS-1600; Sysmex Corporation, Kobe, Japan), which is the next-generation model of the automated blood coagulation analyzer CA-1500 (CA-1500; Sysmex Corporation, Japan), utilizes multi-wave detection and has additional functions that enhance its usability. Here we report the results of our evaluation of basic performance and usability of the CS-1600.

Performance evaluation of the CS-1600 and correlation with the routinely-used automated blood coagulation analyzer CA-530 (CA-530; Sysmex Corporation, Japan) were favorable. In our evaluation of usability, we noted that the sample volume checking function could objectively determine that excessive or insufficient volume of blood was collected. The task handover screen allows for smooth handoff of tasks to on-duty staff, which should reduce inefficiency. Furthermore, progress status and sample information are aggregated on a single screen in the job list, which enables prompt responses to inquiries from clinical staff. The analyzer is also very safe, equipped with a cap piercing function to reduce biohazard risks. It is a useful analyzer suited for routine laboratory tasks, and may improve testing efficiency.


CS-1600, CA-530


This article is translated and republished from the Sysmex Journal Web Vol.17 No.1, 2016. (Japanese)