Sysmex Journal International

2015Vol.25 No.1

Introduction of Products

Overview and Features of the Automated Hematology Analyzer XN-L Series


Yoshiko HAMAGUCHI*1, Tamiaki KONDO*1, Rie NAKAI*1, Yasuhiro OCHI*1,
Tomonori OKAZAKI*2, Kinya UCHIHASHI*2, and Takashi MORIKAWA*1

*1 Scientific Affairs, Sysmex Corporation
*2 Hematology Product Engineering Division, Sysmex Corporation


In recent years, healthcare infrastructures have been steadily constructed in emerging markets. In addition, rapid rates of economic growth have made healthcare information more accessible worldwide.

Thus, people have become more aware of health and healthcare, with dramatically increasing demands for medical care and clinical testing. In developed countries, regional needs have diversified, such as medical cost suppression due to the aging society and widely-spreading personalized healthcare.

To address the dynamic healthcare terrain, we launched the XN-Series in 2011, which improved the efficiency and clinical values of blood cell count testing. Now we introduce the XN-L series; compact automated hematology analyzers that are based on XN series functionality, operability, and clinical parameters. These analyzers are among the world's smallest and are equipped with advanced testing modalities including reticulocyte (RET) measurement functions, a low WBC mode, and body fluid mode. The XN-L also has the features of conventional products including: 8 CBC parameters, 6 WBC classifications, and trace analyte measurement. This series includes superior service and support systems that correspond to the Sysmex Network Communication Systems (SNCS), contributing to safe and efficient laboratory test environments. One analyzer in this line, the XN-550, features automated Rerun/Repeat/Reflex functions as an added capability. Furthermore, this product line is already equipped to provide future enhancements, including an optional application to detect the infected erythrocytes in malarial infection, which is one of the three most prevalent infections worldwide. Sysmex is committed to advancing hematology technologies in order to further develop the clinical use of the automated blood cell analyzer. In this report, XN-L series will be introduced.


This article is translated and republished from Sysmex Journal Web Vol. 16 No. 1 2015.