Sysmex Journal International

2014Vol.24 No.1


A Comparative Study of Sysmex Latex Test BL-2 P-FDP and LIAS AUTO D-Dimer NEO with Similar Assay Reagents of Two Other Companies on the Fully Automated Blood Coagulation Analyzer CS-5100


Haruna SUZUKI, Yumiko MASAKI, Motoko OKUBO, Shoji YOTSUI, Maki OGURA,
Keiko IMANISHI and Noriyuki OKADA

Department of Clinical Laboratory, Osaka General Medical Center


The fully automated blood coagulation analyzer CS-5100 ( CS-5100; Sysmex Corporation, Kobe, Japan ) is capable of a high throughput, of up to 400 tests per hour, and its automatic reagent barcode reading and cap piercing capabilities provides enhanced user friendliness. We evaluated the basic performance of Latex Test BL-2 P-FDP ( Sysmex Corporation ), LIAS AUTO D-Dimer NEO ( Sysmex Corporation ) and assay reagents from two other companies ( Nanopia P-FDP and Nanopia D-dimer; SEKISUI MEDICAL Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, and LPIA FDP-P and LPIA Ace D-D dimer II; LSI Medience Corporation: previsously Mitsubishi Chemical Medience Corporation, Tokyo, Japan ) in the measurement of plasma FDP and D-dimer with our newly introduced CS-5100 system.

Latex Test BL-2 P-FDP and LIAS AUTO D-Dimer NEO showed good performance on the CS-5100 for all the performance parameters tested; within-run reproducibility, onboard reagent stability, linearity and hook effect. Moreover, there was a good correlation with the results of current reagents, Nanopia P-FDP and Nanopia D-dimer that were obtained with the current blood coagulation analyzer in use, Coagrex-800 ( CR-800; SEKISUI MEDICAL Co., Ltd. ). Nanopia P-FDP and Nanopia D-dimer generally gave good results on the CS-5100 for all the performance parameters tested. However, Nanopia D-dimer showed a slight variation in the within-run reproducibility, and the linearity of Nanopia P-FDP was only up to 25μg/mL. LPIA FDP-P and LPIA Ace D-D dimer II showed slight variations in the within-run reproducibility.

Among the three companies' plasma FDP and D-dimer assay reagents that were evaluated on the CS-5100, Latex Test BL2 P-FDP and LIAS AUTO D-Dimer NEO demonstrated good basic performance necessary for a satisfactory reagent for routine testing.


CS-5100, Latex Test BL2 P-FDP, LIAS AUTO D-Dimer NEO


This article is translated and republished from the Sysmex Journal Web Vol. 15 No. 1, 2014.