Sysmex Journal International

2014Vol.24 No.1


Performance of the Fully Automated Blood Coagulation Analyzer CS-5100


Yuko YOKOYAMA, Yu INUI, Michiyo FUSE, Riyoko NIWA, Kayo GOTO, Fukumi KAWAKITA, Takafumi NAIKI and Tetsuya YAMADA

Department of Clinical Laboratory, Gifu Municipal Hospital


We evaluated the basic performance of the fully automated blood coagulation analyzer CS-5100 ( CS-5100; Sysmex Corporation, Kobe, Japan ) for blood coagulation and fibrinolysis testing and compared its performance with that of another fully automated blood coagulation analyzer CA-7000 ( CA-7000; Sysmex Corporation ). CS-5100 showed good basic performance. ATIII especially has superior onboard reagent stability up to eight days, because of the use of a reagent cap which helps prevent evaporation of the reagent. Moreover, Fibrinogen and D-dimer have enhanced linearity.

Apart from routine testing, CS-5100 is also fully able to meet the demands of a 24-hour emergency testing setup. This study confirms the usefulness of CS-5100 to large and busy hemostasis laboratories.


Reagent Cap, Onboard Reagent Stability, Enhanced Linearity


This article is translated and republished from the Sysmex Journal Web Vol.15 No.1, 2014. (Japanese)