Sysmex Journal International

2013Vol.23 No.1


Evaluation of Molecular Markers for Coagulation and Fibrinolysis by Automated Chemiluminescent Enzyme Immunoassay Analyzer "HISCL-2000i"


Masami SHIBAYAMA*1, Hidesaku ASAKURA*2, Mika KIMURA*1, Hiroshi HORITA*1,
Yoshio SAKAI*3 and Takashi WADA*3

*1 Clinical Laboratory, Kanazawa University Hospital
*2 Protected Environment Unit, Kanazawa University Hospital
*3 Clinical Laboratory and Laboratory Medicine, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, Kanazawa Graduate School of Medical Sciences


Thrombin-antithrombin complex (TAT) and plasmin-α2 plasmin inhibitor complex ( PIC ) are respectively used as activation markers for coagulation and fibrinolysis for early diagnosis and treatment of thrombotic diseases. We evaluated the basic TAT and PIC measurement performance of an HISCL-2000i  analyzer ( Sysmex Corporation ), newly inducted into our laboratory, which uses a chemiluminescent enzyme immunoassay as its measurement principle. Our study, which used specimens from patients of our hospital and healthy individuals, showed good reproducibility, assay linearity, and minimum detection sensitivity. As for the effect of coexisting substances, high concentrations of free bilirubin had a negative effect on measured TAT, but the presence of conjugated bilirubin, hemolysis and chylemia had no effect. The reference ranges used were 1.38 ng/mL for TAT and 1.07μg/mL for PIC.

The correlation of the HISCL assay with the conventional LPIA-A700 assay ( Mitsubishi Chemical Medience ) was good for PIC, and generally good for TAT although with discrepancy in results in some cases. So the FDP, D-dimer, soluble fibrin monomer complex, antithrombin levels, etc of the discrepant cases were investigated. The results showed that HISCL provided measured values that adequately reflected the coagulation/fibrinolysis status. HISCL-2000i  requires only 17 minutes for the TAT and PIC assays, and therefore can enable rapid diagnosis. Thus, the analyzer is considered to be highly useful for clinical applications.


HISCL-2000i , Thrombin-Antithrombin Complex (TAT), Plasmin-α2 Plasmin Inhibitor Complex (PIC), Activation Markers for Coagulation and Fibrinolysis


This article is translated and republished from the Sysmex Journal Web Vol. 14 No. 1, 2013.