Sysmex Journal International

2013Vol.23 No.1


The Basic Analytical Performance of the Fully Automated Integrated Urine Analyzer UX-2000 CHM Unit


Masashi MIURA, Tamiaki KONDO, Masahito MIZUNO and Takashi MORIKAWA

Scientific Affairs, Sysmex Corporation


In this report, we have examined the basic analytical performance of UX-2000 CHM ( urine chemistry ) unit. These results will be helpful for individual customers considering how to integrate this instrument into their existing urinalysis workflow. We examined correlation, sensitivity, sample carry-over, influence of interfering substance, and open vial stability of the test strip. The results of correlation, sensitivity, carry-over were favorable. We confirmed the influence of 60-100 mg/dl of ascorbic acid on BIL, BLD and NIT, which utilize an oxidation-reduction reaction as a principle. Moreover, the test strip stability of 12 days when stored in the bottle with drying agent was satisfactory. We were able to clarify the basic analytical performance of UX-2000 in various evaluations. As we could see in the evaluation results, we often face the discrepancies between the result of the test strip and result of the urine particle analysis. In such a case, it is possible to detect the discrepancy by utilizing the cross-check function installed in the UX-2000. Proper understanding of the basic analytical performance of the instrument helps operators with the use and result interpretation, and we believe that it may provide data outcomes with higher precision.


Fully Automated Integrated Urine Analyzer, UX-2000, Test Strip Analysis, Urine Particle Analysis, Ascorbic Acid, Crosscheck


This article is translated and republished from Sysmex Journal Web Vol.35 Suppl.2 2012.