Sysmex Journal International

2013Vol.23 No.1


About the Usefulness of the Urinary Tract Infection Screening Using UX-2000


Ikkou YAMAGUTI, Nozomi UKI, Hironori IKEDA, Seiji KAWASAKI, Zenzou NAGASAWA, Syouichirou OHTA and Eisaburou SUEOKA

Clinical Laboratory, Saga University Hospital


The UX-2000 is a fully automated integrated urine analyzer, combining the automated urine cell analyzer and the urine chemistry ( urine test strips ) analyzer. The UX-2000 quantitative bacterial count, for the rapid assumption of UTI, and bacteria scattergram pattern, for the assumption of the bacterial species were compared to with the microbiological examination reference method.

In the quantitative measurement performance study, it was found that the agreement ratio between UX ( cut off = 1.0 × 105/mL ) and quantitative microbiological examination was 89%. Sensitivity, specificity and agreement of the UX for the diagnostics of UTI were 94%, 85% and 89% respectively.

In the comparison study between the bacteria scattergram pattern and bacteria species, 62% of agreement was obtained between UX and gram positive coccus. In the case of gram negative rods, the agreement was 87% and in mixed rod and coccus samples, the agreement was 73%.

Accordingly, it was suggested that the quantitative bacterial count by the UX could be available as a screening method to determine the necessity for microbiological examination and the scattergram pattern could be available as a rough estimation of the bacterial species.


UX-2000, Scattergram Pattern, UTI


This article is translated and republished from Sysmex Journal Web Vol.13 Suppl.2 2012.