Sysmex Journal International

2013Vol.23 No.1


Evaluation of Factor XIII Activity Using Berichrom FXIII Chromogenic Assay on the Fully-Automated Coagulation Analyzer CS-2000i — Based on Comparisons with Universal Biochemical Analyzer and Antigen Method


Nobuko KANNO, Makoto KANEKO, Akiko SUZUKI and Yutaka YATOMI

Department of Clinical Laboratory Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo


The fully-automated coagulation analyzer CS-2000i  ( hereinafter CS-2000i  ; Sysmex Corporation, Kobe, Japan ) is capable of monitoring reactions using four measuring technologies - clotting, chromogenic, immunologic and agglutination methods. The fundamental performance and precision of the Berichrom FXIII chromogenic ammonia release assay on this analyzer is evaluated and reported here. High reproducibility of this assay ( Control Plasma N: mean 83.6%, CV 1.8% ; Control Plasma P: mean 27.3%, CV 4.2% ) and the acceptable linearity studies using pooled plasma ( 14.4-147% ) were obtained. The on-board stability of reagents was demonstrated. Not only the interference material ( Interference Check A Plus ) but also ammonia ( acceptable range of concentration described in the product document ) had no influence on the Berichrom FXIII assay. With this reagent, there seems to be no difference between analyzers ( CS-2000i  and Hitachi H-7180 ) and there was good correlation with the FXIII-A subunit antigen. This study suggests that the basic performance of the FXIII activity assay on CS-2000i  is favorable and useful as a diagnostic test.


Fully-Automated Coagulation Analyzer, CS-2000i , Berichrom FXIII, Factor XIII Activity


This article is translated and republished from Sysmex Journal Web 12(1), 2011.