Sysmex Journal International

2013Vol.23 No.1


Comparative Evaluation of the Measurement of Coagulation and Fibrinolitic System between the Fully Automated Blood Coagulation Analyzer CS-5100 and the STA-R Evolution Coagulation Analyzer


Asami HAYASHI*1, Masato HOSHI*1, Seiko USHIMARU*1, Mariko ADACHI*1,
Nobuyuki FURUTA*1, Hiroyasu ITO*2, and Mitsuru SEISHIMA*2

*1 Division of Clinical Laboratory, Gifu University Hospital
*2 Department of Informative Clinical Medicine, Gifu University Graduate School of Medicine


Information about the hemostasis system is clinically important because it is useful in the diagnosis of bleeding and thrombotic diseases, and in monitoring the effectiveness of therapy. The new fully automated coagulation analyzer CS-5100 ( Sysmex Corporation ) has high measurement throughput and an effective reagent cooling system, which enable short turnaround times. We compared the performance of the CS-5100 and the STA-R Evolution analyzers and found that the CS-5100 had better measurement performance and onboard stability of reagents than the STA-R Evolution. We also found that the CS-5100 was very useful for making hemostasis in emergency cases.


CS-5100, Turn Around Time (TAT), Usability


This article is translated and republished from "Sysmex J" 2012; Vol. 35 Suppl. 1: 45-56, with kind permission from the publisher and author.