Sysmex Journal International

2009Vol.19 No.1


Evaluation Study for Reference Intervals of Urine Sediments Using UF-1000i in Medical Checkup Population


Shigeru TERAJIMA*1, Hajime YOKOMIZO*1, Atsuko YAGI*1, Masashi MIURA*2 and Chinatsu AMANO*2

*1 Department of Clinical Laboratory, Sagamihara Kyoudou Hospital
*2 Scientific Affairs, Sysmex Corporation


Our healthcare center mainly provides wellness screenings. This facility, established in December 2007, utilizes the most advanced equipment, and is independent from the hospital. During this study, our goal was to establish the reference intervals of urine sediment from the specimens at this facility, by using the fully automated urine particle analyzer UF-1000i , Sysmex Corporation. In addition to analysis parameters RBC, WBC, EC, CAST, and BACT, we examined research parameters X'TAL, YLC, SRC, Path. CAST, MUCUS, and SPERM. As a result, we found out the upper limit of the reference interval by age and gender. Valuable reference data was obtained for the healthcare center.


Urine Sediment, Fully Automated Urine Particle Analyzer, UF-1000i , Reference Intervals


This article is translated and republished from Sysmex J. 31: 82-86, 2008.