Sysmex Journal International

2009Vol.19 No.1


Identification of High Fluorescence Lymphocytes ( HFL ) Count on the XE-5000 with Efficient Multi-Channel Messaging ( eMM ) as Antibody Synthesizing Cells, c.q. Plasma Cells



*1 Scientific department, Sysmex Europe GmbH
*2 Institute for Clinical Chemistry and Haematology of the University of Cologne


Objectives : The aim of this study was to classify and quantify the high fluorescence lymphocytes ( HFL ) area detected with eMM from the SYSMEX XE-5000 ( Sysmex Corporation, Kobe, Japan ) leucocyte differential channel as antibody-synthesizing cells
( ASC, plasma cells or lymphoplasmacytoid cells ) in reactive diseases. To unequivocally identify the HFL cells, all possibly eligible cell populations have been investigated: activated B-lymphocytes, activated T-lymphocytes, large granular lymphocytes ( LGLs ), activated monocytes, and immature granulocytes.

Methods : In total, 85 patients were re-analysed on the XE-5000 with eMM and compared with the automated image analysis system CellaVision Diffmaster 96 ( Cellavison AB, Lund, Sweden ) based on artificial neural network and immunophenotyping method with the BD FACSCaliburTM ( Becton, Dickinson and Company, NJ, USA ).

Results : The comparison with possibly eligible cell populations showed no significant correlation between activated monocytes and immature granulocytes ( IG ), with most immature granulocytes ( promyelocyte I or II ), natural killer cells or LGLs, activated T-lymphocytes, and sub-T-lymphocytes populations. However, for activated B-lymphocytes an excellent significant correlation with the peripheral blood smear, and the immunophenotyping method has been found with R2 = 0.949, P < 0.001 and R2 = 0.913, P < 0.001, respectively.

Conclusion : The fully automated SYSMEX XE-5000 HFL count with eMM identifies and quantifies the ASC ( activated B-lymphocytes ) with high precision and reliability, thus providing a potential screening and monitoring tool for any patient with suspected infection. Additional studies are required to comprehend in more detail the full clinical utility of an HFL ( ASC ) count as a potential diagnostic indicator of inflammation, infection, or sepsis.


High Fluorescence Lymphocytes ( HFL ) Count, Efficient Multi-channel Messaging ( eMM ), Antibody Synthesizing Cells ( ASC ), Activated B-lymphocytes, SYSMEX XE-5000, BD FACSCaliburTM, CellaVision Diffmaster 96 ( DM96 )