Sysmex Journal International

2009Vol.19 No.1


NHS Clinical Laboratory Network Improves Productivity and Efficiency with CellaVision® DM96


Krittya YAM-IAM*1 and Khor Hwee LEE*2

*1 Sysmex ( Thailand ) Co.,Ltd.
*2 Sysmex Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.


In 2007, Sysmex proposed a solution using the Hematology AlphaN Transportation System, which combined the Automated Hematology Analyzer XE-2100 with an Automated Hematology Slide preparation Unit SP-1000i , packaged with the automated image analysis system CellaVision DM96 to manage their demanding workload more efficiently.

The CellaVision digital morphology system has been implemented in NHS core hematology laboratory for a year now and there is no doubt about the benefits of DM96. Besides reducing the turnaround time for routine, it has helped the laboratory to standardize blood count differentials among the medical technologists, especially after office hours.

An additional level of assurance is provided to both our internal and external customers that the results are of high quality and are reliable. It has also helped the laboratory to meet its accreditation requirement through complete traceability of results at the individual cell level.