Sysmex Journal International

2008Vol.18 No.1

Introduction of Products

Overview of Innovance® D-DIMER of New D-Dimer Reagent


Nobuo ARAI*1 and Ann COLLINS*2

*1 Scientific Research Division, Sysmex Corporation
*2 IVD Alliance Group, Sysmex Corporation


D-Dimer is a specific marker for cross-linked fibrin degradation products, and its presence in human plasma is an indicator of fibrinolytic activity. Elevated D-Dimer levels are observed in all diseases and conditions associated with increased coagulation activation, e.g. thromboembolic disease, disseminated intravascular coagulopathy ( DIC ), acute aortic dissection, myocardial infarction, malignant diseases, obstetrical complications, third trimester of pregnancy, surgery or polytrauma.
D-Dimer measurement is therefore widely used in the diagnostic work-up of thromboembolic disease, and its determination is used for various diagnostic purposes. The major application of D-Dimer testing is in the exclusion of thromboembolic events, such as for outpatients suspected of having deep vein thrombosis ( DVT ) or pulmonary embolism ( PE ) by following a non-invasive diagnostic algorithm.

Recently, " Innovance D-DIMER " has been launched by Dade Behring as a high quality, automated, particle-enhanced D-Dimer assay with immunoturbidimetric application on CA analyzers.

Here, we will describe the concept and performance of this new D-Dimer reagent according to Dade Behring's information and evaluation data.