Sysmex Journal International

2007Vol.17 Suppl.3


Automated Hematology Analyzer XE-5000 — Overview and Basic Performance


Chiaki TANAKA*1, Takaaki NAGAI*2, Masanori NAKAMURA*3, Yuriko YAMAUCHI*3,
Keiko NOGUCHI*3, Yoshimi TAKIMOTO*3, Hiroshi KAWABATA*3, Hiroshi SHIGETA*3 and Tohru MURAYAMA*4

*1 Scientific Research Division, Sysmex Corporation
*2 Technology Development Division, Sysmex Corporation
*3 Clinical Laboratory, Hyogo Cancer Center
*4 Department of Hematology, Hyogo Cancer Center


XE-5000 which we developed has not only the same function of XE-2100 but also software to measure immature cells and body fluid mode. We can measure cerebrospinal fluid ( CSF ), pleural fluid, ascites and synovial fluid samples by XE-5000. We evaluated basic performance of XE-5000, reproducibility, linearity, carryover, correlation between XE-5000 and manual method, and the stability of samples at room temperature and 4C.


Automated Hematology Analyzer, XE-5000, Body Fluid, Performance, Flow Cytometry


This article is adapted from the original in Japanese of Sysmex Journal Web Vol.8 No.3, 2007.