Sysmex Journal International

2007Vol.17 Suppl.1

Introduction of Products

Outline of the Automated Hematology Analyzer pocH-100iV Diff


Junichi SHIRAISHI, Hideaki MATSUMOTO, Hideki HIRAYAMA and Takaaki NAGAI

Technology Development Division, Sysmex Corporation


In recent years, automated hematology analyzers have come into widespread use in veterinary clinics and hospitals. However, WBC differentiation still relies on visual observation with a microscope. Users have evaluated our Automated Hematology Analyzer pocH-100i V very favorably since its launch about two and a half years ago. Nevertheless, there has been a strong demand for the development of a hematology analyzer that could give differential WBC counts simultaneously with the 8 parameters of the Complete Blood Count ( CBC ). In response to this demand, we developed the Automated Hematology Analyzer pocH-100i V Diff, which is capable of analyzing the 8 CBC parameters as well as differential WBC counts, together with the hemolyzing reagent pocH-pack LVD meant exclusively for differential WBC analysis. We describe the functions and performance of this analyzer.