Sysmex Journal International

2007Vol.17 No.2


Clinical Utility of New Parameters Provided by XE-2100 RET Channel


Katsuyasu SAIGO*1,2, Yasuyuki SAKOTA*2, Yukako MASUDA*2, Kyoko MATSUNAGA*2, Hiroko NARITA*4, Makoto HASHIMOTO*1, Mariko TAKENOKUCHI*2,
Yoshitsugu KUBOTA*5, Tsutomu NOMURA*5, Yumiko NOBUHARA*3,
Takeshi SUGIMOTO*3, Shion IMOTO*6 and Shunichi KUMAGAI*1,2,3

*1 Blood Transfusion Division, Kobe University Hospital
*2 Clinical Laboratory, Kobe University Hospital
*3 Department of Immunology and Infectious Diseases, Kobe University Hospital
*4 Clinical Laboratory, Kobe Kyodo Hospital
*5 Department of Transfusion Medicine, Kagawa University
*6 Hyogo Red Cross Blood Center


Multiple parameter automated hematology analyzer XE-2100 ( Sysmex Corporation, hereinafter called "XE-2100" ) has a channel intended to determine the count of reticulocytes automatically ( RET Channel ). In recent years, new clinical parameters were developed using this channel, and several studies have reported the clinical utility of them. In this article, we introduce the fragmented red cell quantification system ( RET master ) for which we involved in the development, as well as the experience to use and the usefulness of the immature platelet fraction counting system ( IPF master ) that was released recently.


XE-2100, RET Channel, Fragmented Red Cells, Immature Platelet Fraction, Clinical Utility


This article is translated and republished from Sysmex Journal web Vol.8 No.2, 2007.