Sysmex Journal International

2007Vol.17 No.1

Introduction of Products

Overview of the Automated Clinical Chemistry Analyzer CHEMIX-800


Masako KADOTA, Ikumi MIYAMOTO, Hirokazu KAKUDA and Nobuo ARAI

Scientific Research Division, Sysmex Corporation


Biochemical examination is a globally performed clinical assay and plays an important role in diagnosis. The main parameters are enzymes, glucose and proteins. Current automated clinical chemistry systems have robotic pipetting and cuvette washing systems and can perform a large number of different parameters simultaneously.

Sysmex launched the Automated Clinical Chemistry Analyzer CHEMIX-180 instrument and its reagents for middle and small laboratories in 2003. However, because the number of tests which are performed keeps increasing in the Asia region the demand for quality and accuracy have simultaneously increased. To expand the product portfolio and meet the requirements of the marketplace, we have recently developed the CHEMIX-800 through our partnership with Transasia Bio-medicals Ltd. It has the interior with the shield cover of the upper part of the instrument open. The main users of this product are the middle and large scale laboratories.

In this article, we will give an outline of the instrument and explain its basic performance as well as provide some data.