Sysmex Journal International

2007Vol.17 No.1


Evaluation of the Immature Granulocyte Count in the Diagnosis of Sepsis Using the Sysmex XE-2100 Analyser


Iddles C, Taylor J, Cole R, and Hill FGH

Department of Haematology, Birmingham Children's Hospital NHS Trust


Sepsis is a very serious condition in which severe cases can result in shock, disabilities, organ failure and even death. The most important factor in a favourable outcome of this disease is a rapid and accurate diagnosis. The aim of this project was to evaluate if the immature granulocyte count and the calculated IG ratios ( % IG / total white cell count ) and IT ratios ( % IG / total neutrophil count ) could be of use as an early indicator of sepsis. A total of 61 patients were included in the study over a four month period. Samples were collected from the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit ( PICU ), Burns unit and Accident and Emergency departments of Birmingham Children's Hospital ( BCH ). Any patient undergoing investigation for sepsis or those post operative patients susceptible to sepsis were included in the investigation. The patient's immature granulocyte counts and calculated IG and IT ratios were interpreted in consideration of the patient's clinical notes, blood culture and CRP results. The data was looked at to see if there was any change in the IT or IG ratios. This was statistically compared to the negative control to see if the change in either of these ratios could be used in the paediatric setting for diagnosing sepsis. We found out that the IT ratio was a more sensitive and specific indicator of sepsis than IG ratio or CRP. Therefore through the use of the Sysmex XE-2100 analyser the IT ratio could be used as a fast, inexpensive, reliable indicator of sepsis in a paediatric setting.


Immature Granulocyte Count, IG Ratio, IT Ratio, Sepsis, Sysmex XE-2100